Top Ten Tracks: Leonard Cohen

OK, forget bios I’m guessing you know at least his name? I guess you could be counting him as Folk music singer-songwriter type which I kind-of have already once or twice covered in my little TTT posts. But he’s also mid career synth music pioneer too! When I got into him it was the synth stuff and didn’t know the older folk acoustic guitar stuff, that’s backwards for most people or fans. Some of the older hippies/fans were like the synth is really bad but I was and have been always be like “Are you fuckin’ kidding me?” I might be wrong but the synth saved him so he could reinvented himself and his songwriting! So anyway this weekend once again, I’ve made the insane task of picking just ten fave tracks of all-time but Cohen!

Anyway the hard is made easy because it’s just faves, in order of release:

One of Us Cannot Be Wrong –  Songs Of Leonard Cohen (1967)

Dress Rehearsal Rag – Songs Of Love and Hate (1971)

Chelsea Hotel #2 – New Skin For The Old Ceremony (1974)

Memories – Death Of A Ladies’ Man (1977)

Came So Far for Beauty – Recent Songs (1979)

First We Take Manhattan – I’m Your Man (1988)

Waiting for the Miracle – The Future (1992)

A Thousand Kisses Deep – Ten New Songs (2001)

Darkness – Old Ideas (2012)

Treaty – You Want It Darker (2016)

1967 to 2016 is yet another huge timeline and as like last time I can’t be bother to do the maths, it’s Sunday! The 70’s win yet again with four songs followed by 2010’s with two tracks and then 60’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s all with one each. No one album has two cuts from it and I really don’t think I could narrow it down anymore to the pick just one of these? Maybe you blog reader, you tell me which you like or enjoy the best? Or not!

I’m going to post up two of all-time faves for the next couple of weeks plus they’re also both the first two real Aussie acts of 2019’s in my TTT blog posts!

Later years Leonard Cohen eating icy-pole!

Right now, who’s sharing your own fave LC song/s with me? Pretty please with icy-poles for free!

Cheers 🙂


    1. Oh yeah, yeah his Democracy song is soooo great, maybe should have some fitted it in? That Roy Buchanan cover is wicked cool, not heard that before and off course KD is always great toooo! I did do all my fave LC covers post once a while ago somewhere on my blog?
      Cheers man 🙂

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