Top Ten Tracks: Dirty Three

Yeah, even more Dirty Three today but my own personal faves! Not counting any side-projects of Mick Turner, Jim White and Warren Ellis too! Yeah, before you ask anything and everything that’s not Dirty Three of these three blokes is a side-project to me! Nope, no bio need today because I’ve banged on about them a lot lately and they’re just like 90’s Aussie The Beatles or something?

Just in order of releases which these ten are my faves:

Everything’s Fucked – Self-tilted debut album (1995)

The Last Night – Self-tilted debut album (1995)

1000 MilesHorse Stories (1996)

Sue’s Last Ride Horse Stories (1996)

Deep Waters – Ocean Songs (1998)

Some Summers They Drop Like Flys – Whatever You Love You Are (2000)

I Offered It Up To The Stars & The Night Sky – Whatever You Love You Are (2000)

She Has No Strings – She Has No Strings Apollo (2003)

Doris – Cinder (2005)

Ashen Snow – Toward the Low Sun (2012)

Scoreline is the 90’s winning with five cuts and then 2000’s with four and one 2010’s. Three albums tied on two songs each 1994’s debut self-tiled, 1996’s Horse Stories and 2000’s Whatever You Love You Are. It’s been over a month since doing the first of now a few blog posts but I think it’s the last one for the moment because everyone is sick of me blogging them by now, right? But it was fun for me at least looking back and remembering how great they were! Maybe an introduction to them to some readers/followers? BTW D3 are now playing a second live reunion show at Dark Mofo in Tassie and I might have a wild guess they’re the secret Oz band playing Splendour in the Grass at North Byron, making it three gigs!

That’s the last April 2019 TTT post! I’m going to give this a bit of a break now and also I think, I’m going to give blogging a bit of a break too but I’ve got a couple more posts coming before then!

Sometimes 90’s Dirty Three: Mick (left), Warren (middle) and Jim which looks like they need to paint the walls in the featured image!

So who’s going to join in and share your own fave D3 track/s with me, pretty please?

Cheers 🙂


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