What I’ve Been Listening to in May 2019

Off course, I’m back here after a month off blogging with now my part five of this year! At least my own diary of music listening, totally packet full blog post today! This time I’m not counting anything I’m planning hopefully to blog about lately this month which is mainly really all the older stuff. So here’s all the newer stuff I’ve been listening and now you can too or have you check these out already?

Starting with Tropical Fuck Storm physical new single arrival earlier last month on the orange 7″ vinyl with the B-side cover version of the rap song by Missy Elliott, her 2005 track Can’t Stop:

Off course, I also then had too check out Missy Elliott original:

Here’s the A-side song, if you missed it when it drop a couple of months back? The Planet Of Straw Men the original new track from a brand new coming soon album, no date yet:

 Miami Memory the brand new song by Alex Cameron:

Or just watch the video clip:

Also back in April Alex Cameron did released his first live album entitled Live In San Francisco so here’s Happy Ending lifted from it:

Stitch It Up by Mark Lanegan Band with a brand new album which is entitled Somebody’s Knocking out on the 18th of October is a 14 tracks album:

Or watch the seven minute video clip staring Lanegan himself with Donal Logue as “Jimmy The Cab Driver” too:

West Thebarton are back too with new track entitled Tops and they’re also working on a brand new album:

Mere Woman are back with brand new song/video clip entitled Spell so once again here it is:

Also back are Batpiss but new line-up now and double songs Nothing and A Veteran Of Nonsense so again here’s both:

Or watch the Nothing video clip:

The UV Race dropped brand new album back in April, I think it’s the fourth or fifth album by them? The perfect titled and timed for yet another total shit pointless Aussie election is the Made In China album so have a listen:

Or the Tread On Me video clip:

Also another great album from April I should thrown in today is Sorry by Totally Unicorn, the second album by them is so brutal:

Watch the I’ll Be Fine Now video clip:

Want does Mike Patton do? After scoring the Stephen King Netflix film 1922 and joining the band Dead Cross, who did made the album I wanted him to do for years! Well, he collaborates with French composer Jean-Claude Vannier, who is perhaps best known for his work with Serge Gainsbourg. The album entitled Corpse Flower which is out on September 13th so here’s first taste On Top Of The World:

It was mid-May release of Laurence Pike second solo album Holy Spring. I last seen Pike as the new drummer for the Lairs late last year, also in long runner group PVT formerly Pivot and his own group Szun Waves, check it out:

I think, this would my fave track so far by the solo Holiday Sidewinder with her electropop sound which she just seems to be releasing endless songs/singles every couple of months, at the beginning of May came Forever / Whatever:

I think, it was a couple a months back now but I’ve been enjoying former The Go-Betweens Robert Forster’s Inferno album which I did picked up a copy of somewhere? Here’s the some what title track Inferno (Brisbane in Summer) video clip, check it and his album out:

The super-group Seeker Keeper Lover are also back, that’s Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby if you need names? Single/song is Let It Out the video clip staring Magda Szubanski:

In other very big news Bill Callahan the brand new album entitled Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest will be out on June 14th, most likely will be my album of this coming month! It’s an epic 20 track double album. Only one track entitled The Ballad of the Hulk  is on the bandcamp page but more are on the green-dot and white-apple streaming platforms but since fixing my laptop I’m refusing to use them but also do wonder how long that is going to last?

To finish up on an album of late last year, I just got a copy of it only last month is Aviary by Julia Holter, just total masterpiece in very short! So have a listen if you have or haven’t listen to it yet:

I think, that’s all the new-ish stuff for me! How about you? What have you been listening too? Wanna share anything with me, you think I might dig?

It’s TFS band as my May featured image!

Cheers 🙂


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