Top Ten Tracks: HTRK

So second post back after last month off blogging, here comes one all about HTRK! So more Aussies, the second or maybe third Aussie act of 2019 in my little TTT posts? In my mind they’re the best long running act currently working in this country or even included the rest of world for that matter, I’m not kidding you! I do rate them that highly but no one seems to really know them or no one I know which isn’t saying much. Most people seem to be more confused by them more than anything else.

Starting back around mid-2000’s and still going today, we fans of them are still waiting for a new album number four? It’s pronounced Hate Rock formerly known as Hate Rock Trio but are now just a duo of Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang because Sean Stewart, the bass player passed away in 2010. Standish also has been saying she is working on a solo album also leading her vocals to a few others acts in the last years plus Yang has been producer to some smaller indie type acts too. That’s a very tiny bio background and I’ve blogged them a hell of a lot but I think this might be the very first this year, maybe this blog post today could be a good intro to them too?

Ha – Marry Me Tonight [2009]

Waltz Real Slow – Marry Me Tonight [2009]

Sweetheart (A.K.A. Love You) – Eat Yr Heart/Sweetheart single [2011]

Eat Yr Heart – Work (Work, Work) [2011]

Love Triangle – Work (Work, Work) [2011]

Body Double – Work (Work, Work) [2011]

Chinatown Style – Psychic 9-5 Club [2014]

Punch – Body Lotion EP [2014]

More to Enjoy – Drama [2018]

Summer Rain – Dying of Jealousy [2018]

It’s pretty much 2010’s with eight songs and two from 2000’s but I should say I’ve not included the very early recording from mid-2000’s which they do themselves I think consider them somewhat just demos and are harder to find but are online, if you do look? I do love that early stuff but only just did miss out here in just my ten fave above. I’d enjoy the kind-of B-sides to the last year’s newest releases and only a couple of tracks from the two 2014 releases but big winner for me is always going to be the 2011 album Work (Work, Work) plus cover version of late 70’s/early 80’s synth duo Suicide from the same year. Then picking a couple of my fave tracks from their debut album and that’s it, my ten!

HTRK is Jonnine Standish (left) and Nigel Yang (right) with Sean Stewart (middle) as the older three member line-up!

Does anyone have fave/s by them to share with me or is it amazingly you’ve never even heard them before?

Cheers 🙂


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