Great Art: Philip Guston’s 1976 paintings

OK, the first art blog post after my month off and before intro more new artists I’ve not blogged I’m going to do an artist I’ve blogged before but it seems like a very longtime ago now! Philip Guston is off course a fave, they’re all because I don’t blog stuff I don’t dig! Back in January I intro some of his painting from the year 1973, linked here. I did put a bit of bio in that post so I will not say the same thing again. I guess, I’ve just picking 1976 at random today my own little art gallery. My one and only Guston book I’ve got has a couple more artworks I can’t find anywhere online but Green Sea is in it but I’ve dropped paint on the page right in the middle of his painting. I’m normally pretty good at not get paint on my books but everything else has paint on it, the Green Sea artwork page does. I think that one is a fave of a favorite, if you wanna know? If you can’t tell? He does have a tiny little bit of a running theme in all the paintings below! All are oil on canvas, painted in the year 1976. I don’t know what else to say? Not very informative today, sorry or not really sorry but I do hope you enjoy his paints today?

Legs Rug Floor, 1976
Discipline, 1976
Room, 1976
Edge, 1976
Blue Water, 1976
Green Sea, 1976
Rug III, 1976
Pit, 1976
Monument, 1976

Well seems Phil’s painted a hell of a lot of shoes above, the song to go with them today and you can listen too is by Steve Albini with his band Shellac. The song called Shoe Song from their album entitled 1000 Hurts of the year 2000, I do hope you enjoy it too?

Cheers 🙂


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