Playlist: Fucked Up’s Zodiac Series

So that’s the band called Fucked Up who they have been doing a series of songs based on Zodiac years as 12″‘s over the last few years now, if you don’t know what that blog post title means? Fucked Up the band are from Canada with six member line-up. These are all just very, very, very long songs you can stream online too which I’ve collected in one easy spot, my blog post today! I’m a bit of a fan of the band but far from the biggest or anything? But once again I was crawling around on the internet listening to them here and there, I’m even not counting iTunes or Spotify now because after fixing my laptop last month I’ve totally gone off them both and refuse to use them which I might explain my reasons in detail at a later date sometime?

Anyway since 2006 every year or so Fucked Up the band released a long song entitled Year of the… something and yeah, I guess it’s a bit of a gimmick but gimmicks win elections these days. Below is all of them in order of release, so far because zodiac years have been missed or skipped or have yet to get too but this year is the year of the Pig again which does happen to be my fave track of the eight done theme songs. Missing only four which are: Horse, Goat, Monkey and Rooster but if were thinking the the zodiac years go with the year of releases, your wrong. They did start with the right years but fucked up lately because Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox was right but Tiger and Dragon was one year too late and Snake is way out of place. Maybe they have got bored of the idea because it’s been a couple since the last one and then gaps in-between you could say have been getting bigger or maybe not? Anyway here they’re:

2006: Year of the Dog

2008: Year of the Pig 

2009: Year of the Rat

2010: Year of the Ox

2012: Year of the Tiger

2014: Year of the Dragon

2015: Year of the Hare

2017: Year of the Snake

My mother was huge about star signs and zodiac when I was a little kid but I can’t remember her really talking about it for years now, only maybe last time a few years ago because when my younger sister bring it all up again. God knows what she would think about these songs? How about you? What the hell are you thinking after playing them all? Did you even play them all? Or maybe have heard them all before? Even got all them on vinyl too?


Cheers 🙂


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