Cover Versions: T. Rex’s Cosmic Dancer by Nick Cave (solo & live)

Far away but better sound:


So that’s two solo live versions in Stockholm and Amsterdam just last month, he’s been playing the song written by Marc Bolan on his Europe tour. Ratting with terriers on YouTube when I should be doing something else so just have to post them on my little blog today. It was announced last year sometime? What seem like a long time ago Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds were going to be on a T. Rex tribute album producer by Hal Willner which I guess, is a studio full band cover version but who knows when we’ll hear that?

We’re still waiting for brand new studio album by them too, guessing we’re not getting it until sometime after his America tour which ends mid-October? So maybe November or December new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album or is it just going be 2020 release date now? I’ve read both reports it’s finished and they’re still working, no one seems knows? Even if anyone/everyone can ask him a question, I guess it doesn’t mean he’ll give an answer? 2016’s Skeleton Tree album seems like a very longtime ago now. Before that was 2013’s Push The Sky Away album which, I guess if no new Bad Seeds album this year? Those are the only two decade 2010’s NC&TBS albums. In that same time it’s something like six Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ soundtrack albums, one book: The Sick Bag Song in 2015 and the two doco type films: 20,000 Days On Earth and One More Time With Feeling plus off course a hell of a lot of touring. That’s a hell of a lot of work for anyone but could be just reasons why we’ve getting so few Bad Seeds albums now?

Anyway here’s the original T. Rex Cosmic Dancer from album Electric Warrior released in 1971:

Who’s that?

Cheers 🙂


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