Great Art: Martin Kippenberger’s paintings of 1983-4

So here’s Friday’s art blog gallery and just like earlier this week doing a second follow-up post on one of my fave artists already featured here on this blog but way back a few months so it’s forever ago. You most likely don’t remember but Kippenberger was last time here in January when I named his artwork as my fave art installation of all-time, linked here. Today we have some of his 80’s paintings. Almost are once again oil on canvas minus this top one The Mother of Joseph Beuys which is listed in my book as oil and synthetic material on canvas and the Down with… sets below which just says it’s mixed media on canvas. I’m using all the English titles but originally they’re in German because, well he’s a German artist. I don’t think I’m being very smart about these blog posts, not really telling you anything at all but I do hope you like the artworks?

The Mother of Joseph Beuys, 1984
Flying tanga, 1983
Communist Woman, 1983
War wicked, 1983


Down with The Bourgeoisie, 1983
Down with Inflation, 1984
Past Perfect – had haded, 1984
Return of the dead mother with new problems, 1984
This is the image used for his 1983 exhibition invitation, that’s Martin on the right in the bathtub too!

Seems MK is having a bath in the just above image, I’m picking the greatest bathtub video clip today! Pavement’s Rattled By The Rush of 1995 from the Wowee Zowee the third studio album by them. I do hope you enjoy that as well?

Cheers 🙂



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