Ratting With Terriers: TFS 2019 Euro tour

The Planet Of Straw Men:

Antimatter Animals:

You Let My Tyres Down:

Chameleon Paint:

Two Afternoons:

Soft Power: 

Rubber Bullies:

New song or cover or something? It sounds like it should be an old Drones song but it’s not!

The same song again but a tiny little bit better sound, I still don’t know what it is? But it’s wicked!

Lost Animal’s Lose The Baby cover:

Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive cover:

Support the TFS band by buying their album here:

This is an intro blog post of another, maybe could be a new set/tag but I’ve kind-of done it here on my little blog before but if I need to explain? It’s not killing rats with dogs but ratting around on youtube and finding stuff I can’t see live or go too and then posting it on my tiny blog, full stop. I don’t know how bands/artists made money these days where everyone streams their shit, maybe playing gigs but then dickheads recorded it and upload it to youtube and other dickheads posted it on their blogs!

Look out America/Canada, your up next!

Cheers 🙂


    1. Well, i do try and buy all the stuff i really love and hopefully other fans do the same! But i don’t know? I’ve got both the CD and blue vinyl of this TFS album plus I was thinking about get the pink cassette tape too but got something else i didn’t have! How about you? Do you still buy music? Oh yeah, you told me you got the new Sun Kil Moon album, you still digging it? Sorry about the dumb blog bit, I’m kind-of calling all bloggers dumb so i should edited that, hey? 🙂

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      1. I still buy music, too. Mostly mp3 streams but also CDs if I think I’m going to want to listen in the car.l, too. I don’t buy vinyl anymore even though I have a record player and about 100 records left from old days. I used to have a couple thousand records but once I started to move around again to smaller places I had to give away a ton of records 😢.

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      2. Oh yeah, I’ve still got CD player in my car! The streaming thing is good for like that 1001 post because I’m not buying all the stuff in that but I’ve pretty much got all my faves now. Records are a bit of a pain like you say, even if it’s somehow more fashionable these days now! 🙂


  1. Hello! I’ve seen that new track listed as ‘Paradise’ which was on the album tracking list they uploaded! I believe the new album will be called ‘Braindrops’ (Also a new song title) and it will be out around 23/08/19!

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    1. Oh well, that’s wicked cool news! Thanks, i did google translate that French website feature interview and read about the new album titled called Braindrops and September release date but haven’t seen much more? have they dropped more details like the track-listing and date around 23/8/19 so please do share, if you know anymore? Or is that it for the moment?
      Cheers again Scott 🙂


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