Top Ten Tracks: The Triffids

 Well, I did post on Friday David McComb singer-songwriter of The Triffids’ fave songs and albums. So it’s a no brainier, I’m picking my own fave of his song this Sunday. I don’t know if you know them or know nothing about them? Once again I’m not including their big hit songs below but own personal faves, I guess like almost every weekend this year minus last month intermission. As you can tell by now I can’t be bother writing/typing any kind-of bio details but I’ve finish read a book about them which I was going to blog about but haven’t done that yet, maybe soon? Here’s Wikipedia link and band’s own website link and their fb link too, OK? Off course instead here are my fave songs by them now, enjoy!

Hell Of A Summer – Treeless Plain (1983)

Raining Pleasure – Raining Pleasure EP (1984)

Beautiful Waste – non-album single (1985)

The Seabirds – Born Sandy Devotional (1986)

Chicken Killer – Born Sandy Devotional (1986)

Suntrapper – In The Pines (1986)

Jerdacuttup Man – In The Pines (1986)

Hometown Farewell Kiss – Calenture (1987)

Unmade Love – Calenture (1987)

Falling Over You – The Black Swan (1989)

Well, 80’s get ten out of ten on this weekend as the scoreline! Three albums have doubles from them but once a very longtime ago on my blog I did name In The Pines as the best or my fave so I should link that here but can’t be bother! What else? Any questions?

I’ll keep asking for some reason! Please do tell me your faves? If you’ve got them?

The Triffids in 80’s all in black! Marty, Jill, Alsy, Dave, Evil and Rob (left-right)

Cheers 🙂



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