Live Gigs: West Thebarton @ Rosie’s

Right, I’ve gotta post a blog about this band because they’re such a killer live band! I wasn’t going to do any Monday morning blog posts anymore but it’s been a couple of days already now after the Saturday night gig now. I’ve also not posted any live gigs lately too, I’ve been some OK shows but nothing worth a whole blog post. It’s all change on the weekend: West Thebarton is now my new-ish fave live band too see. I did see them at Mojo’s down in Freo last year but missing them at Falls fest also in Freo back in January, should have gone. Anyway they played just down the road on the weekend and for anyone there, next weekend is in Queensland they’re playing two shows which gotta say lucky bastards, if I could I would go to both!

Both the brand new song/single entitled Tops with the great chorus “I’m feelin pretty wrecked right now” and the debut album Different Beings Being Different from just last year is above, if you wanna listen? Please go and see the seven head monster that is West Thebarton live, if they come your your town! If you wanna know a little bit more: they’re from Adelaide, South Australia and are named after a suburb there but once were called West Thebarton Brothel Party. They’re working on the next follow-up album, cross everything it will happen before the end of this year? They did play a whole pile of new songs so I guess, they’re going to be on it so I really can’t wait now. Plus that means they will be touring again soon too! Hopefully they will be going oversea again touring because they’re unbelievable great live band!

I should shout out to the local supports Supernaked, they did play fully clothed and Flossy who I’ve blogged before but they’re now just three piece. I should blog more local W.A. music so sorry, I don’t. Here’s the song called Pies by Supernaked to check out anyway:

So totally off subject now but this is how my head works: Pies or “who ate all the pies?” Off course, if you want to know something about history is an old soccer or a football chant sung by fans in the United Kingdom. Then English rapper called Wiley of mid-2000’s sdid a track called Pies from his epic debut album Treddin’ On Thin Ice which I now just have to embedded that track right now:


A. Swayze and the Ghosts from Hobart, didn’t make it over here in the west as the flyer/poster says. I did check them out before hand and dig them so I think I’ve just gotta finish with their track below to play, if you like?

Sorry again, I never take photos with my phone but if you wanna see them just go to a gig!

Cheers 🙂


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