Ratting With Terriers: Nick Cave (solo & live) doing Grinderman’s Palaces of Montezuma

At the very start of this month I’d blogged a live piano Cave doing T.Rex cover and he’s now start the U.K. leg of his Conversations tour. He’s bring out this rarely live played Grinderman track now. This one live clip has popped up, so far on YouTube which does having a bit of false start and he re-start on the opening lines and we’ll see if he keeps playing live and on piano or might get cut? If anyone else does uploaded it? I might just added it to this post and not do a whole new one, OK? Palaces of Montezuma is most likely my fave track of all the songs from those two Grinderman albums they did in late-2000’s/early-2010’s. Maybe, you could of all those Grinderman songs Palaces of Montezuma is the most Bad Seeds sounding track which could be why I enjoy the most. Here’s the album version and I think it was back in 2011 when it was last played live.

Still no word on the new Bad Seeds studio album? Maybe this his way to re-intro them and now they’re doing Grinderman number three album? Or should he just do an album of all his older songs re-recorded with just him on piano like this tour? That kind-of album would fall into nostalgia act, big time but does that matter at this point now!

Who’s this again?  

Cheers 🙂



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