Double J’s Take 5: Warren Ellis’ songs in the key of Waz

Yesterday, on Aussie radio was the broadcast of a live on stage at Hobart Town Hall interview with Warren Ellis and here’s the link to 55 minute full length podcast. Off course, I’ve gotta blog something about it today because it’s amazing listening to Ellis talk about music, himself enjoy it or making it with his journey along the way. It was made very clear, if do listen to the interview it’s one of the very first times he’s looked back on his own past. It’s only five songs long but he name drops a lot more so I’ve dug around and found them all online somewhere to stream the full tracks because they’re edited down in the interview/podcast and I always do it anyway, you know?

Note: the opening song just below is the mid-90’s re-recording of Warren with his father’s older song. The bonus disc of the various artist album entitled Where Joy Kills Sorrow did have John’s recording taken the old 7″ inch but I can’t find it anywhere online?

Warren & John Ellis – Mis’ry is my Middle Name 

Johnny Cash – Orange Blossom Special

Beethoven – Symphony 7 slow movement number 2 Allegretto

Arleta – Mia Fora Thymamai (I Remember a Time)

Alice Coltrane / John Coltrane – The Sun

Extra, extra! Even more songs he said in the interview by it’s name:

The Everly Brothers – Wake Up Little Susie

AC/DC – Baby, Please Don t Go (live on Countdown)

The Underground Velvet – Heroin

Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

Igor Stravinsky – The Rite of Spring

Three tracks of his own songs from three different projects/bands he also talked about too:

Dirty Three – I Remember a Time When Once You Used to Love Me

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – And No More Shall We Part

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Song For Bob

He also somehow talked about many more bands/artists, everyone from Kim Salmon & The Surrealists supporting U2 the day before recording the debut Dirty Three album to The Cure’s Robert Smith emailing him about the Vivid/Sydney Opera House show. But really he should write a book about all his stories or something? Hope you dig it all as much as me?


Cheers 🙂



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