Top Ten Tracks: The Go-Betweens

So it’s even more Aussie 80’s music for this Sunday and making it back to back this and last weekend! I just did finish reading Robert Forster’s wicked book about them called Grant & I which I should post a blog about it too but I still haven’t done the one about The Triffids yet, which was before or was it after? Maybe I will try to blog something about both of them before the end of this month, OK? Once again I’m not tell you any bio details just some books that I might blog about later! I don’t think I will tell anything more, if you don’t know about them? Just listen to these songs which I hope you enjoy them?

Karen – non-album single (1978)

Hold Your Horses – Send Me A Lullaby (1981)

Cattle And Cane – Before Hollywood (1983)

Draining the Pool for You – Spring Hill Fair (1984)

The Wrong Road – Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express (1986)

The House That Jack Kerouac Built – Tallulah (1987)

Dive for Your Memory – 16 Lovers Lane (1988)

Surfing Magazines – The Friends of Rachel Worth (2000)

Darlinghurst Nights – Oceans Apart (2005)

Here Come A CityOceans Apart (2005)

Well, it’s one from 70’s, six from 80’s, three from 2000’s reunion and if I did had to pick just one The Go-Betweens album it would easy be Oceans Apart, no joke!

So what are your own fave song/s by them? If you got them? Why not share, please?

The reunion line-up of the Go-Betweens in 2000’s!

Cheers 🙂


      1. I was on my phone before, otherwise I would have just posted it:
        Bye Bye Pride
        That Way
        Dive For Your Memory
        Darlinghurst Nights
        As Long As That
        Cattle and Cane
        Unkind and Unwise
        I Just Get Caught Out
        The Wrong Road

        Have you noticed how similar ‘Karen’ is to Patti Smith’s ‘Dancing Barefoot’?

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      2. Oh, i did find it very easy on your blog thanks to your search box and you do go into way more detail than i do but i must have miss it or them when your put them up, i did liked them! Very cool you gave Grant’s 90’s a whole post too!
        Maybe, that’s why i love that song? off course that track was on my Patti fave songs post!
        Cheers mate 🙂

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      3. My blog has pages and posts – you wouldn’t get notified when I make a page. I’m actually working on that page at the moment, going through Robert Forster’s solo stuff (although I only have a couple of albums plus Intermission). The Evangelist from 2006 is pretty good – it’s the most balanced of the solo albums since it’s got some songs that Grant was working on before he died.

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    1. Next time i am over east i will try and see them, OK? RR you’ve told me about them before, Dave is such a great songwriter too! Cheers for reminding me about them 🙂


      1. I’m sorry to be so repetitious …. I tend to keep flogging the offerings of friends. To be honest,I was never a great go-betweens fan, but always acknowledged their unquestionable talents.

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      2. No problems, i repeat myself all the time! i will keep an eye out for any west cst shows but i think i’ll have to see them in Sydney, if and when i come over sometime? 🙂


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