Top Ten Tracks: Marianne Faithfull

I’m going to ended this month of June with my Marianne Faithfull TTT post today. I think everyone must know who she is, by now? But let’s try a forgotten about her well-known boyfriend of the 60’s which I don’t need to name and focus on her music today! Once again, I don’t think I really need a bio or anything like that but if you didn’t know? Last year she released her 21st album. Marianne over the years has worked with some of the greatest songwriters plus covered some great songs, below are off course, are only my picks and only ten seem like so few and need or should be more but I guess, that’s it and want I decide to do whenever it was I started doing these posts or blog set/tag. Here’s MF’s Wikipedia page linked here. Anyway intro over let’s just listen to her music, my ten faves are…

Something Better – non-album single (1969)

Working Class Hero – Broken English (1979)

It Takes a Lot to Laugh It Takes a Train to Cry – Rich Kid Blues (1985)

Strange Weather – Strange Weather (1987)

Who Will Take My Dreams Away? – The City of Lost Children soundtrack (1995)

Pirate Jenny – 20th Century Blues (1997)

Desperanto – Before the Poison (2005)

Hold On Hold On – Easy Come, Easy Go (2008)

Deep Water – Give My Love to London (2014)

They Come At Night – Negative Capability (2018)

That’s amazingly only one song each for 60’s and 70’s, then two each for 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and 2010’s. So I guess my Sunday’s blog post really does show Faithfull’s music over six decades. Songwriters credits are from the very top with Something Better which was written by Barry Mann & Gerry Goffin and arranged by Jack Nitzsche. Then it’s covers of both John Lennon and Bob Dylan songs. Then song written by Tom Waits for her but he later recorded a version on his live album Big Time. Next one is her lyrics with composer Angelo Badalamenti for that French film. Then it’s Kurt Weill & Bertolt Brecht track but Marianne’s versions of all those Weill & Brecht songs I think are the best or at least my faves but if I had to pick just one, like today it would be that one. Nick Cave as music co-writer with MF’s lyrics plus it’s recorded with the would-be Grinderman line-up a couple of years before their own album. Then it’s a Neko Case cover plus it’s a crazy Warren Ellis violin solo on the end of that. The second Cave co-wrote track but more mellow, once again her lyrics to his music and ending on the Mark Lanegan co-written track on the Warren Ellis co-produced album of last year.

Faithfull in the 2000’s, I think? Can’t find a date but must be around then?

That’s my ten faves so how about you? Please share your fave/s with me?

Cheers 🙂


  1. Always loved Why D’Ya Do It and In My Time of Sorrow and loved it when she would pop up on Metallica’s Memory Remains. They album she did with Nick Cave and PJ Harvey was the last thing of hers I listened to. And it was goood

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