What I’ve Been Listening to in June 2019

It’s just gone past halfway point now this year so here’s now chapter six in my book of music of this year!

Well, Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest by Bill Callahan is so easy way and beyond my expectation! If you haven’t yet you really should is all I’m saying, let his music do all the talking because I couldn’t possibly write any kind-of review about this:

Next is a very beautiful Scott Walker cover Duchess by Simon Bonney who is lead singer-songwriter from Aussie 80’s band Crime & The City Solution and has a solo album entitled Past, Present, Future was released back in May:

Simon been touring America with Mark Lanegan who’s dropped the song Playing Nero, the next cut we get to hear from his upcoming album Someone’s Knocking:

Someone else told me about the Aussie 90’s indie rock band called The Fauves also in May releasing an epic double album of 22 track called Driveway Heart Attack. So I’m now telling whoever reading/listening this blog to check it out:

Next is some new post-rock of Jambinai from Seoul, South Korea with early June release of album entitled ONDA which “Onda means ‘come’ in Korean:

Only out for a week and bit ago with late June released date is Kirin J Callinan third solo album entitled Return To Center. He’s so very individual in the Aussie music scene, is that the right word? They’re all cover songs too, I very much dig the track It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love which was released a bit early than the album:

Miami Memory by Alex Cameron is the third solo album confirmed by him which is releases mid-September but with two tracks out now, the track title which did have last months version of this post but now you can listen to song called Divorce:

My totally everything Erica Dunn obsession continues last month tracking down or time traveling back to late 2000’s and early 2010’s to one of her very earliest bands called Poor People which was a four pierce her fronting with three blokes. The one and only self-titled seven track mini-album/EP of 2010 with the first six songs on bandcamp for free download for anyone/everyone who wants it?

They also did a two track single which bandcamp has one of those songs to free download too, entitled Killing a Dead Horse. It’s so far total impossible to find another of Dunn’s projects called Barbara’s Bush because all I get is hits for the former America first lady of the same name but I will keep digging around for it!

The SMB or The Steve Miller Band was a short lived band of around 2017 with Melbourne muso Steve Miller not the famous American muso of the very same name but here’s Erica on vox with the Bo Diddley classic tune Who Do You Love? with the female members wearing wedding dress in this video clip:

Here’s an original track called The Price of Love by The SMB video clip with Steve sung track. These are both are live recordings and as far I know are the only two recorded by them which I think you could or can get on 7″ vinyl not that I tracked down a copy I can get my hands on just yet:

Both songs are on soundcloud, if you like that better?

If I don’t re-call who Erica Dunn is? Her solo project now is Palm Springs, her new-ish band of just last year is MOD CON but the same line-up did record under Palm Springs earlier. MOD CON have started working on their second follow-up album, I guess it really the third they have done together, after what I say just saying a line or two above. Off course, is also a member of both Melbourne bands: Harmony and TFS.

Erica is now in a band TFS with both Gaz and Fi formerly of a band called The Drones, the band in 2005 in between epic great albums by them they featured on the Hoodoo Gurus cover tribute album of their classic album Stoneage Romoes as covered by mid-2000’s Aussies acts entitled Stoneage Comeos and The Drones did Hoodoo You Love, off course is a cover of the very same Bo Diddley cut. Stoneage Romoes reissue had a bonus track the Hoodoo Gurus live version of Bo Diddley song as recorded by triple j in 1983, they played it as encore at the time. So The Drones did a cover of a cover on a tribute album, Stoneage Comeos is long out of print but someones uploaded it to youtube:

Might be the best way to finish today’s post or do I now included the Hoodoo Gurus live version? Or Should I say it’s just even more reasons to love Bo Diddley!

Off course, I can’t list everything here I did listen tooooooo and once again, this is my own selected highlights which I hope you might enjoy, if you press play on the streaming music players. If you do listen, let me know what you dig? I think, I might do a mid-year type report thingo this week sometime, OK?

Could BC just released what I will call my fave album of this year?

Cheers 🙂


  1. I was a fan of Forced Witness by Alex Cameron and curious to hear his new album. Thanks for introducting me to Crime & The City Solution which are completely new to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wicked, you got the vinyl! i got to see them live a couple of years ago so try to keep up with what they’re doing!
      Cheers yet again Tony 🙂


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