Great Art: Max Beckmann’s Birds’ Hell & his 1930’s Paintings

OK, I’m intro yet another artist/painter I’ve not featured before in today’s art gallery post plus going back in time more than I’ve previously done in this post to mid to late 30’s. The artist/painter name is Max Beckmann who’s basic facts are: he was born on February 12, 1884 and then died on December 27, 1950. He was a German born artist from middle-class family in Leipzig, Saxony and was aged 66 when he passed away in New York City. In WW I he volunteered as a medical orderly and then in-between those world wars Beckmann enjoined huge success in his homeland and the rest of Europe. That was before Adolf Hitler rise to power whose dislike any kind-of Modern Art who once in government he totally banned it all by the early 30’s and in 1937 several Max’s paintings where shown in his infamous Degenerate Art exhibition in Munich. In the same year after Adolf’s awful radio speech about what he labeled degenerate art, Beckmann exiled himself the day after that broadcast to Amsterdam never to return. Almost for ten years Beckmann was trying to obtain a visa for the United States and finally in 1948 he moved to America for his last couple years of his life. The very first Beckmann major retrospective was held in American in 48.

He doesn’t seem to have a website himself in this day and age but his artworks can by found in almost every huge major art gallery’s world wide who do all have have websites. Max Beckmann today is remembered best for his many Self-Portraits because maybe, he did do a lot of them but I will come back to those at a later date, OK? The main featured image is entitled Hölle der Vögel or in English that’s Birds’ Hell of 1937-38 which is easy one of my most fave paintings by any artist/painter of that time in history. All the titled below I’ve used the translations: The Hurdy-gurdy Man, Death and the Triptych of the Temptation of St. Anthony are all most likely my other faves of Beckmann from this mid to late 1930’s period but they’re way more, you know? These all, once again are oil on canvas paintings. Anything else? Any questions or something?

Triptych of the Temptation of St. Anthony, 1937
Death, 1937
The Hurdy-gurdy Man, 1935
Birds’ Hell, 1937-38

The song of the day to go with these paintings, I think just has to be 1991 video clip to The Butthole Surfers’ The Hurdy-gurdy Man cover of the Donovan song of late 60’s:

Cheers 🙂

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