Top Ten Tracks: Yoko Ono

So I’m kind-of following last weekend’s TTT post. She’s a great visual artist and also then wicked experimental muso! Who did married some white bloke from England who’s pretty well-known for some band but let’s try today too kind-of forgotten him in the nice way possible and focus on her music! Ono did push the envelope like almost no one else at that time! I do love all her crazy weird stuff and off course visual artists turned to music were before her but maybe not so in the spotlight like Ono. Yeah, I do know some fans hate her and everything but let’s just try and enjoy how great the music is, OK? I’m not counting the 60’s collaborative albums with you know who? Just starting in the early 70’s which I could kind-of call Ono’s solo work or more so? So today I’ve included both fave odd ones and then the more mainstream songs plus stuff that goes in-between both. Double checking with Wikipedia, linked here if you too need more info too? So my all-time fave Yoko songs are…

Listen, The Snow Is Falling – Wedding Album (1969)

Why? – Plastic Ono Band (1970)

Fly – Fly (1971)

Sister O Sister – Some Time in New York City (1972)

Death of Samantha – Approximately Infinite Universe (1973)

Run Run Run – Feeling the Space (1973)

Kiss Kiss Kiss – Double Fantasy (1980)

Walking on Thin Ice – Non-album single (1981)

Revelations – Rising (1995)

Yoko Ono, Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore – Early in the Morning – YOKOKIMTHURSTON (2012)

Score line is 70’s with five songs, 80’s with three and one each from 90’s and 2010’s so 70’s won easy this Sunday, I don’t know why I say or type that out each weekend?

Yoko Ono
1971 Yoko Ono at home smoking!

So what is your fave song/s by her? Please share it or them with me?

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a very special blog post list too!

Cheers 🙂



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