Great Art: Yoko Ono’s Ceiling Painting/Yes Painting of 1966

So seems I did named some of my fave Ono’s songs on the weekend, I better named my fave Ono artwork today. She did miss out on yesterday’s epic list like post but I just have to blog Yoko’s art and have to pick her 66’s Ceiling Painting/Yes Painting, if I’m picking just one? But mostly likely or should I just say more to come! I don’t know if many followers/readers or anyone really know her visual art that well? Off course, everyone must know her name for other reasons. In 2017 on her twitter she simply say in the minimal word-count in explaining: “When I created CEILING PAINTING (1966), I was depressed at the time. So I wanted to give some positivity to my life.”

The artwork itself is more of an interactive artwork than just a normal painting or a conceptual artwork. Putting the painting/artwork on the ceiling is somewhere you don’t hung paintings in art gallery’s. In the New York and London shows of 1966 the viewer is invited to climb to the top of a white ladder, where a magnifying glass, attached by a chain, hangs from a framed painting/artwork on the ceiling. The viewer uses the magnifying glass to read the word “YES”.

At that London 66 show a very famous member of a well-known music group of that time visited the exhibition and he did climb that white ladder, image if she wrote the word was “NO” the whole of rock n’ roll history might have been very different? Some people might like that but it wouldn’t work in her idea of wanted some positivity to her life, that would very negative or giving in to the depressed. Off course, Yoko and John did meet each other at that art gallery and the rest, as you say is now history.

Ono just sitting on the white ladder of Ceiling Painting/Yes Painting
Ono looking though Ceiling Painting/Yes Painting
The detail of YES of Ceiling Painting/Yes Painting

The song of today has to be the video clip from former Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore with Ono Soul from his debut solo album of 1995 entitled Psychic Hearts:

Cheers 🙂


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