Love Letter To A Record: West Thebarton’s Brian Bolado on Royal Headache Self-titled album

You came into my life as I was running late for class on a Thursday morning. My lack of punctuality was habitual and the week had been uneventful. As I packed my things in the hallway, I heard you singing ‘Never Again’ out of our bathroom and I stopped to make sense of what I was hearing. It felt like you had thrown a rusty spear into my heart, only to scream and apologise about your poor marksmanship seconds later. I sat there crossed-legged on the bathroom floor listening to you the entire morning.

I’ll be the first to admit our love isn’t the greatest or perfect in any way but, in that moment of time, it was the one I really needed. I fell in love when I least expected it.

You had me with your scrappy guitars, nodding basslines and drums which thumped about like cardboard at breakneck speed. You never gave things a second-thought and I was drawn to your urgency. I was nervous, overthinking everything and you took me by the hand running. You weren’t without self doubt and anxiety either. There were times I’d only just make out what you were trying to say, but I could rely on you to be there.

I adore you and all of your limbs. You’ve got the amazing opening lines of ‘Psychotic Episode’ (“I am the anti-psychotic / I’ve tried a range of hypnotics / I am the perfect advert for living impaired”); your blissful tango of ‘Wilson Street’ before the lament of ‘Honey Joy’ (“When I saw you climbing up a mountain / and I could not share in your joy / I just threw my coins into the fountain”) and the respite of swelling feedback in ‘Girls’.

I love nothing more about you than ‘Down The Lane’ – a joyful number that bops around before escalating into a reprise of unrequited love (”I was number one”). Truth be told, every single time I hear that cathartic chorus, it tears me apart (“Love, love, love, love, love / Tried to be her steady but I don’t think she’s ready enough / And I hurt myself for reasons I can’t explain / And I’ve watched her changing seasons down the lane”).

I’ll talk about you to anyone that’s willing to listen. You taught me the value of substance over surface and it’s real love. I’m so very glad you spilled your heart out and decided jump around in it for me.




Some basic facts I know or a bit of a timeline of Royal Headache: They were a Sydney band forming in the late 2000’s/early 2010’s who started recording in 2010 and the debut self-titled album was released very early 2011 by the small indie label R.I.P Society. By 2012 an oversea label called What’s Your Rupture? re-released it worldwide. In mid-2015 the second and final album entitled High was released but last year they announced they were breaking up after not playing together for a couple of years and band members have moved on to new bands/projects. That 12 track album plays at less than half a hour, almost only 25 minutes of pure garage punk rock and you should find it embedded at the top of the post from bandcamp.

BB is one of the guitarist of the seven head monster that’s West Thebarton. Original this was written and posted in May last year around the time of West Thebarton’s debut album Different Beings Being Different. The brand new-ish single/song Tops been out for a little while now plus the 2015 then self-titled West Thebarton Brothel Party EP are all below:

Both West Thebarton and Royal Headache are more faves of mine so I’m re-posting this today, I hope whoever looks/listen you do enjoy them?


BTW this is my sixth Love Letter To A Record which I’ve re-posted on my little music blog, I might do more at a later date? My other five re-posts can be found here at this link and off course all of the rest of them are musicfeeds website!

Cheers 🙂



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