Great Art: Cecily Brown’s late 90’s Paintings

Today is yet another painter I can’t believe I’ve not blog yet! I do totally love Cecily Brown paintings of this period, I think this is my fave of it all, so far! I’ve gone a little off her more recent stuff but they’re still great and I will post some more and you can see for yourself? Or just google her yourself if can’t to be bother waiting for her next art gallery by me because it could be months away but will try and post her again sooner, OK? Brown is a living artist and born is 1969 is a British painter who live in New York City, don’t they all?

Sorry, to get totally side track but her last name always reminds of Bill Bailey talking art scene in early 2000’s English comedy Black Books:

Sorry again, about that but I couldn’t help myself! Now, I don’t know what else to say?

CB uses both oil on canvas and oil on linen here but I know don’t if it really makes a differences, they say it does? I do know for a fact Can Can painting is oil on canvas which is my all-time fave painting of hers. After than, I don’t know? Below is about half and half. So these paintings are just my selected favorites of this period but she did do more at this time, you know? Most likely her more recent paintings are Cecily’s more well-know if anything, if you wanna know? Here’s her Wikipedia page linked.

Night Passage, 1999
High Society, 1998
A Chorus Line, 1997
Pyjama Game, 1998
The Skin Of Our Teeth, 1999
Can Can, 1998

Seem two down painting is entitled High Society, I’m posting Cole Porter’s Well Did You Evah! But off course, it’s the 90’s Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop version for comp album Red Hot + Blue. I did go a little bit mad at the start of the year adding to both my Harry’s and Pop’s TTT posts I did so I hope your not sick of it yet? Because I’m not! This time I’m NOT adding the video clip by Alex Cox. Complain to I guess, me if you miss seeing them performing it or if you what to banned me from post it again?

Cheers 🙂


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