Live Gigs: King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard @ Astor

Fuckin’ totally insane bonkers unbelievable show!!!

It was an epic 19 songs setlist, see full list below. With five totally brand new tracks from the coming soon album but only one them has been released as video, so far! I really can’t wait for their Infest The Rats’ Nest trash metal album now! Songs from albums Fishing For Fishies from earlier this year and the “total free” album number four of 2017 Polygondwanaland made up most of the other tracks played. They did the most metal song from Gumboot Soup album The Great Chain of Being. Plus a few even older tracks thrown in, support band member flute player from Mildlife joining them on 2014’s I’m in Your Mind Fuzz album cut Hot Water. Finishing with 2015’s Paper Mâché Dream Balloon album’s The Bitter Boogie which just turned into even longer jam, mouth harmonica solo etc.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard setlist at the Astor Theatre, Perth, Australia on 13th Saturday night July 2019 was:

Crumbling Castle
The Fourth Colour
The Castle in the Air
Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet
The Great Chain of Being
Boogieman Sam
This Thing
Wah Wah
Road Train
Hot Water
Mars for the Rich
Venusian 1
The Bitter Boogie

Worth to note they only played one Perth show not like the poster/flyer says but I notices they played a third Mel-town show which was a bit of a smaller, kind-of but not really secret show. Adelaide got a show the night before too and they canned the Sunday show here because they need to get home to get ready then to go oversea a day earlier. I think, King Gizz go to Japan first and then America/Euro etc. but if you’ve missed the Aussie tour hard luck and if you’re going to see to them oversea somewhere? You are in for one hell of a show/tour!

Both support band were from Melbourne, Australia. They were Bitch Diesel and Mildlife which below are their latest tracks. At the very top of this post I added all of King Gizz videos/album of this year at this point, even if their play all of them!


Once again, I didn’t take any photos but I must be the only one there not too!

Cheers 🙂

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