Top Ten Tracks: Mark Lanegan

OK, I’m not writing out all and every bands or projects he’s been in the title but I’m focusing more on his solo work anyway. Last month I did a couple of acts who I couldn’t wait for brand new albums so Mark and his band has one coming soon too, by memory his sometime in a few months time but I’m guessing they will drop at least a couple more songs from it or more before the albums is released! Once again, I’m guessing you at least know his name but does have a huge back catalog by now. Who would have guess? He along Mark Arm from Mudhoney and Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam are the last three men or singers standing from the Seattle grunge scene? Anyway here are my ten fave by him, enjoy!

Screaming Trees – Nearly Lost You – Sweet Oblivion (1992)

Mark Lanegan – Carnival – Whiskey for the Holy Ghost (1994)

Mad Season – Long Gone Day – Above (1995)

Queens of the Stone Age – In the Fade – Rated R (2000)

Mark Lanegan Band – Methamphetamine Blues – Bubblegum (2004)

Mark Lanegan Band – Phantasmagoria Blues – Blues Funeral (2012)

Mark Lanegan Band – Sad Lover – No Bells on Sunday EP (2014)

Mark Lanegan Band – Beehive – Gargoyle (2017)

Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood – Save Me – With Animals (2018)

Wow-wee! Only three from the 90’s, two from the 2000’s and five from 2010’s as winning decade in my ten this weekend. No clear album as a big winner because it’s one from each for my ten too! Once again I could go into more details of each and every part of his long career but I’m not going ramble on and on like sometime I do, OK?

Mid-2000’s Mark on the sidewalk smoking!

Wanna share your own fave by ML? Please do below?

Cheers 🙂



  1. Great list. Great great list. Lanegan is one of my music icons

    I’d have something including
    Dollar Bill – Sweet Oblivion – Screaming Trees
    Gospel Plow – Dust – Screaming Trees
    Pendulum – Whiskey For The Holy Ghost – Mark Lanegan
    Some Misunderstanding – Broken -Soulsavers
    Like Little Willie John – Bubblegum – Mark Lanegan
    Cripple Creek – More Oar – Mark Lanegan
    Death’s Head Tattoo – Gargoyle – Mark Lanegan Band
    Hanging Tree – Songs For The Deaf – Queens Of The Stone Age
    Witness – Dust- Screaming Trees
    Blues For D – Field Songs – Mark Lanegan

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