Live Gigs: Radiohead 1998 @ Perth Entertainment Centre

Flashback gig yet again today!

So this would be easy another dream show, I did get to see! Radiohead one and only Perth W.A. live gig! They must have liked/loved it here so much they never came back but anyway, I was there and it was unbelievable show with two encores! They have done a couple of east coast tours since then but not for a while now so maybe they’re don’t like Australia much at all? I bet, all Aussie Radiohead fans want a tour sometime or anytime soon? I bet, the whole thing would sell out in about five seconds flat ever if they played the biggest venues in Australia? I’m really not saying much about this gig but they played everything I wanted them to play, looking at the setlist right now, I don’t think I could write a better late 90’s Radiohead setlist if I try? All the singles I love are on it, some great album tracks non-singles are on it and even rare tracks thrown in for good measure! If they did tour most people or fans would want them to play these 90’s songs but I think, if they did come all this way, I would love them to play all the newer songs from the last two albums: A Moon Shaped Pool and The King of Limbs.

Also lately Radiohead got hacked sometime so they released 18 hours of OK Computer album demos on my fave streaming platform bandcamp for just a little while because it’s gone now. I did listen to the whole of it and was very interesting listening just for the fact seeing into the band’s creative progress making that album, I guess. Thom’s released yet another solo album after last year’s soundtrack score. I think, I enjoy his Atom For Peace side-project band and that album of all his solo stuff. So who knows when Radiohead will, if ever get back to record another studio album? Almost all of the band members now have done some kind-of solo projects now, I think? I do enjoy Jonny Greenwood soundtrack scores and Ed O’Brien is releasing his debut solo later this year but they all work best together as a whole. It seems to be happening less and less, it’s more like they are just winding down the band so very slowly than saying we’ve break-up or something? I hate to say it but I think we will be very lucky indeed, if we get a couple more albums out of them? It’s just seems like it’s going to be less and less likely they will do it the older these guys get, that’s all! Anyway above is half a dozen of my faves they did play live back then, that night but the full…

setlist on Tuesday 10th Feburary 1998 @ Perth Entertainment Centre was:

Talkshow Host
Planet Telex
Karma Police
Exit Music
My Iron Lung
Paranoid Android
The Bends
Subterranean Homesick Alien
No Surprises
Fake Plastic Trees
Killer Cars
Climbing Up The Walls

#1 Encore:

Polyethylene 2
Street Spirit (Fade Out)

2# Encore:

Let Down
The Tourist

Screenshot (10)
Maybe that should have said: one show only in a lifetime?

Cheers 🙂


    1. Oh yeah, that’s wicked cool! i don’t remember any support act at all but they could have had one? maybe i will dig around a bit more and see if can find anything? Cheers dude 🙂


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