Soundtrack Songs: IT Chapter One (2017)

I better scream SPOILERS! If you’ve not seen the film or even read the novel for that matter? So to start with, some pretty great horror movies have been made lately but with this one now called IT Chapter One (2017) could be the one of the most perfect horror movie since the 70’s golden age. Well at least, I’ll say that today but it did translate to box-office figures too. The movie makers did taken on maybe one of the most icon modern horror tale and it did pay off which did justified the gamble with finally a great movie. As a teenage and even in my early twenty’s I loved watching every horror movie I could get my hands on, yeah like I’ve already said the 70’s stuff by far is the best. In the 80’s/90’s a few did do right but for the most part they didn’t take it very serious including that terrible 1990 It mini-series, the horror was really for all the wrong reasons so it was an epic fail try on this classic Steven King tale.

IT the novel starts out pretty normal or even a little boring maybe, slowly adding all these main characters but then also slowly adding to the endless crazy clown ideas to piling more and even more on top of each other etc. King is an idea writer and this story is one of his best, with some if not almost all adding up to of the most icon horror story, if not the greatest? I somehow kind-of know the imaging even without reading the book, it’s so iconic. Of course, some of King’s original novel parts or bits or whatever you what to call them? Are totally impossible to put into a film for different reasons and with the coming soon IT Chapter Two movie which is out later this year. We are still not going to see them and no film adaptations in the future are going film them ever, it’s impossible! In short, I’ve try to read the IT novel before and recently started to try again but at something like, well over 1000 pages plus I’ve try reading his shorter novels before but never get that far at all but maybe that’s unfair so giving another go now. At this point it’s it’s far from finished reading but maybe it’s one of those very long novel that just pile-up, I think this second or third? That I’m still reading them, if I ever finish IT or the other ones I will blog about them, OK? I’ve got just pass 350 pages mark so that’s more than every before!

So to take the 2017 film adaptation which was to be a stand alone film until it became one of the highest grossing horror films ever, I think? Which off course, Hollywood loves a sequel so was green lit very quickly. Anyway that 2017 movie does have the icon scenes or parts of the novel and everything you need to translate to make a great movie or in belief just a wicked horror film which was totally perfect watching. I guess, this blog post today is my little take of both, my take of what know of the novel without reading it and watching the new-ish movie a few times. If you don’t know? IT Chapter One as the 2017 film re-titled is just the young teenagers part and was a genius idea for the film-makers and does just go in order of events. Minor changes are: the book setting of the decade of the 50’s when they’re kids to the 80’s. Which might be seen as a big change but very clever film-making because anyone loves the 80’s now. King wrote and published the novel in the 80’s, the kids when they have to go back to their hometown are in the 80’s. Off course that makes the coming soon movie sequel setting a lot later too, it’s the year 2016. IT Chapter Two is the same people as adults coming back years later but flash-backs to being kids again are included or that’s what they are saying and you can kind-of see it in the trailers. IT Chapter Two is not out until September something? In 2017’s IT Chapter One is just telling the kids side of the story from younger brothers disappearances in opening credits, not murder like in the novel until the promises they make to each other to come back if IT comes back? Works great if they, Hollywood want make a sequel but that’s were the kids story ends and off course King’s novel jumps all over place so anyway it’s the right ending for in my veiw perfect 2017 movie.

On with the music now! I’m dropping the score music and all the pop songs today which does taken up a lot of the songs and gotta say the wicked score by Benjamin Wallfisch is so scary great. So I’m then focusing on only four classic 80’s rock cuts from the movie. From the opening and then the three close to the very end which are…

Love Removal Machine by The Cult

Six Different Ways by The Cure

Antisocial by Anthrax

Dear God by XTC

That’s a very, very long blog post for just four songs, oh well!

Jessica Chastain who’s one of my fave female leads currently in the acting game, who did joined a very cool cast of male actors for IT Chapter Two. So couple of trailers is out even if the movie is still a couple of months away from release date but here they’re, if you wanna watch them?

It’s Bill Skarsgård starring as Pennywise The Dancing Clown!

So I might do some more blog posts of few more of my fave movie’s soundtrack songs sometime soon. I think, I’ve watched IT movie three times now? Which is always good sign, re-watching something. I think, I would rate IT pretty highly of films of the last few years so might do some other new-ish ones I’ve dug sometime soon as well as some of my all-time fave films, OK? Do you wanna share something about IT or Steven King now?

Cheers 🙂




    1. Oh yeah, if you do wanna freak yourself out or scare the living daylights out of yourself? this is the movie to do that! The clown is beyond evil but i did read somewhere they cut the scene where he eats a living baby alive because that was going too far! i think what makes the film so wicked great is also the kids! Even if they’re the loser club they’re way cool and you want they to win so movie has that yin yang. Reading King’s novel i think he’s after that but sometimes doesn’t work for one reason or another and movie-makers little changes have made IT better plus not one scene is a waste of time but i guess, we’ll see if they can do the adult part as good/great?
      Cheers 🙂

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  1. I’m going to give it a go then. Some of King’s novels that have been turned into movies or TV series have turned out weird and I can’t work out if I liked them or not. Did you see The Green Mile, and also Stephen King’s The Stand. They were weird but there was something off about them. After seeing the original IT I developed a bit of a phobia of clowns.

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    1. Oh wicked cool, please do tell me what your thinking after? maybe watch in daylight hours with friend/s or something and don’t go running around in the sewers afterwards, I’ve just got to page 555 in the book! 🙂


      1. Sorry I misunderstood, thought you were meaning the novel for IT…I would be more scared of that, it’s more intense for the imagination. The movie I can handle so will give it a go and let you know

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      2. Oh right, fair call because you know what you can handle and i hope you do enjoy in a scary good way when you do! I’ve got over half in the book so i should finish it, this time? i will most likely write a whole post about it, i guess?
        Cheers 🙂

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  2. I always remember this:

    (the Movies are crap, but this songs will stay for ever:)

    free as a bird – Elvis Presley (From “Jailhouse Rock”)

    Theme from shaft – Isaac Hayes( from “Shaft”)

    This is not America – David Bowie/Pat Metheny (from “the Falcon and the snowman”)

    the little ones – Prince (from “Purple rain”)

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    1. So I’m guessing these are your fave movie soundtrack songs? They’re very wicked songs, cheers for sharing them!

      I’ve started doing my own A to Z blog set, did you check them out? I’ve only done three, so far but more coming next month! Anyway I’m including some fave movie tracks with some fave books, artists, very loose top 5 songs under each letter of the alphabet, you might enjoy that but i don’t know?

      Anyway very nice to hear from you again! Cheers again Bludgeon 🙂

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