What I’ve Been Listening to in July 2019

So the big huge news this month I’ve not blogged about yet is HTRK fourth album entitled Venus In Leo is finally announced with the 30th of August release date. Also brand new video/song You Know How to Make Me Happy so listen to all three tracks releases, so far:

Or watch the new one’s video clip:

Than even more big news to me and maybe for you too? Second Mark Lanegan album is coming this year, well this is the first one released very early next month or release date is tomorrow! The out of nowhere collaboration goes under the name Not Waving & Dark Mark and the album is entitled Downwelling with nine tracks on it, here’s the eight minute plus song The Broken Man video:

I don’t blog much about rappers, do I? But Kool Keith is far from a normal rapper, he dropped his brand new album this month simply entitled KEITH and is pretty insane wicked cool:

He’s most likely my fave rapper ATM but almost no one heard of him, I meet this young lady the other day/night and she called herself a rap music fan so that’s like waving a red flag at a bull for me! Even if I hardly listen to it these days, I know I shouldn’t but I started to talk about Keith but then the Wu-Tang Clan? Which she had never hear of, what kind-of rap fan hasn’t heard Wu? I think, she should have said the very mainstream rap of today-ish or something, that’s rappers she was talking about? Anyway listen to whatever hell you wanna!

Kool Keith’s 1999 album was called Black Elvis/Lost In Space were he’s like a futuristic rapper time traveling in outer space or something a long those lines, just have a listen:

Then his 1997 album was entitled Sex Style which is one of the dirty rap album ever made but unlike all the gangster rappers of 90’s singing about bitches and whores. Kool Keith doesn’t really disrespect his female partners just like the front cover, he’s in his underwear too or he’s naked in telephone box calling her etc. have a listen to it here:

Kool Keith debut solo album of 1996 when under the name Dr. Octagon with the album Dr. Octagonecologyst which I did name in my 305 fave albums of all-time. Since then he done 30+ studio albums with 18 of them collaboration like he form side-project group Analog Brothers in the year 2000 with well-known rapper Ice-T, who’s the most mainstream artist he worked with because after only a couple major label releases he just when too indie labels. In 2013 he did cameo on rock album, appeared as Dr. Octagon on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song Buried Alive from their third and so far, final album Mosquito. After saying the bit about disrespect woman, he’s most famous for The Prodigy’s hit Smack My Bitch Up which was based on a sample of Kool Keith’s voice saying “Change my pitch up. Smack my bitch up.” which is really about shooting heroin. Anyway, that’s my bit little about a fave rapper, check him out if you wanna? Or not!

Here’s some other albums released earlier this year which I haven’t blog about yet but I keep return to them so you might enjoy them too? First is from Switzerland with DATA MIRAGE TANGRAM by The Young Gods which is their ninth album which was released in late February:

Staying in Switzerland with 83 year old Jamaican Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Rainford album was released in late May:

Going next to Seattle on the west coast of USA with Life Metal by SUNN O))) released back in late April:

Then east coast or should it be mid-west because An Obelisk by Titus Andronicus which recorded at Electrical Audio, Chicago which is Steve Albini’s studio but Bob Mould who produced it with a late June release date:

Back to Australia with the debut self-titled album by Amyl and The Sniffers with other late May release:

English Idles are dropping a new music with a 7″ single in August but you can listen to song Mercedes Marxist already!

If you, somehow have not heard their 2018 album called Joy as an Act of Resistance, where the hell have you been?

I don’t know? They’re is always more but that’s three brand new songs, seven albums, couple older 90’s ones and seven new-ish albums! You might what to check out? Or not!

It’s Kool Keith and his heavy equipment who does take out my month of July!

Cheers 🙂


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