Great Art: Tony Garifalakis’ Selected Work of 2007-14

After the last art gallery post in July, I realized I’ve only blogged about a couple Aussie visual artists! This series of art posts is somehow now at 40 plus and all linked here under the great art tag. Someone who does bangs on about Aussie music a lot, I’ve not really done the same for Aussie painters/visual artists so at this point I’ll say the next few art exhibition posts are going to be all Aussies, OK?

So starting with one of a few very controversially artists of more recent times and my selected faves his artwork of seven years. Trying to show a more broad view of the artwork and not just my fave, maybe I’m still making up my mind because he’s still so new in the art game. Anyway I’ve hand picked seven of his artworks from seven years below, one work each which are from mainly a bigger set of works in the same vain. Tony uses mixed medium and almost each series is different from the last one and the that’s going be next. I’ve listed each mixed media after art title and year. He does have a website but it’s very minimalist but the art galley that shows his works is the best place online, linked here. Off course he’s a living artist who was born in 1964 Melbourne, Victoria.

Magic, 2012, adhesive vinyl on paper shooting target
Untitled #9, 2014, from Mob Rule (Family), enamel on type C print
I Am Sufficed By Love, 2009, Engraved bullets
Angels of the Bottomless Pit, Inverted Crucifix # 3, 2014, C type print in oak frame
Haters, 2012, nickel studs, bleach & acrylic on denim
God Loves Us All, 2011, enamel on found map, Collaboration with Richard Lewer
Babylons, 2013, Installation view
Fucking Optimism, 2007, felt collage

In 1981 Black Sabbath with new-ish vocalist Ronnie James Dio released an album entitled Mob Rules so here’s that title track for my song of the day:

Cheers 🙂



    1. Yeah, i don’t think he’s kind-of artist for hanging on anyone’s wall at home but that’s not always the point for art and i do love this stuff because it’s so in your face! 🙂 🙂

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      1. Well, for me the royal family gives me nightmare so that one couldn’t be better! That’s just one of whole set that fills a whole art gallery of all of members of monarchs, google it and you’ll find it, if you dare? This blog post was just going just that but i changed my mind to show more of a overview of his work! 🙂


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