Gareth Liddiard’s Take Five Songs & Top Three Aussie Albums

I’ve dug up these and now just gotta kind-of re-post more lists of songs and album as named dropped by singer-songwriter Gary of TFS and The Drones. Both thingos are from the year 2010 which was around of his one and only solo album.

Top Three Aussie Album by Gareth Liddiard from the long dead website FasterLouder:

1. Kim Salmon with STM – Hey Believer (1994) song You Know Me Better Than That:

“When I was a young snapper I did all sorts of work at and for Kim Salmon shows. I was too young to drive a hire car but I had to drive the Surrealists around ‘cause they were too drunk and their promoter hated that about them. No one told me about Tarago handbrakes so the van always stunk of fishy hot brake pads and I was henceforth trmocked. The Surrealists were amazing but STM was another story all together. The band was made up of Kim, Warren [Ellis] and Jim [White] from the Dirty Three and a double bass player called Andrew [Entsch] who died a long time ago. They only did one tour and made one album. One of the best bands I’ve ever seen live. And in true Australian fashion, no one gave a fuck because they weren’t from some other country run by white people.”

2. AC/DCLet There Be Rock (1977) the title track video clip:

“As far as guitar sounds go, you can’t really beat this recording. It’s intense. And interesting considering that everywhere except Australia they’re known as the biggest rock band ever. Bigger even than the Beatles and Pink Floyd. They didn’t do a lot of compromising considering. But they didn’t come from somewhere else that’s run by whites or something so forget that. And Rupert Murdoch and Julian Assange don’t run the planet right now either. And Peter Singer isn’t usually right about everything and Les Murray isn’t one of the greatest three or four living poets right now. Elsewhere in the west is always best, remember that. Pretend you’re them.”

3. Rowland S. HowardTeenage Snuff Film (1999) song Autoluminescent:

“This is Rowland’s masterpiece. He was the greatest, most original guitarist Australia has ever had. On the break up of the band that brought him fame he went on to record 10 or so records solo and with various bands that were mostly overlooked. Probably because his original singer appealed more to record companies that needed to make a buck, though Rowland was always, at least, equally as good. You never see him on those “greatest Australian album” lists which is nuts. He’s not alone though, Rowland and Spencer P. Jones are the most underrated songwriters on the planet. Everything on this record is perfecto, the tunes, guitar playing, production, Mick [Harvey], Brian [Hooper] and Rowland’s voice which was as jocular as it was jaundiced.”

Gareth Liddiard’s Take Five for Triple J radio with the theme of five songs that remind him of the five capital cities of Oz and because it was only nine years ago I can’t any references of it’s broadcast on jjj’s website:

Kim Salmon & The SurrealistsRedemption For Sale (Perth) from the self-titled fifth album of 1995:

Laughing ClownsSong Of Joy (Brisbane) from debut album entitled Mr Uddich-Schmuddich Goes To Town of 1982:

XGood On Ya Baby (Sydney) from debut album X-Aspirations of 1980:

Dirty ThreeRed (Melbourne) from third album Horse Stories of 1996:

The Mark Of CainSummertime (Adelaide) from debut album Battlesick of 1989:

Well here’s my fave track called She’s My Favourite from his solo album entitled Strange Tourist:

BTW don’t forget Tropical Fuck Storm brand new album Briandrops is out in a couple of weeks so here’s their song The Happiest Guy Around:

GL in 2010!

Cheers 🙂

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