Live Gigs: Metallica 1993 @ Perth Entertainment Centre

Flashback gig yet again today and yet another dream show I did get to see!

Why in hell would I go and see them live in 2019? Costing me hundreds of dollars when I got to see them back in their hey-day! I did find a Metallica fan blogging in Poland collecting every ticket stubs he can and he’s got one from these shows which was only coated $45.90 Aussie dollars, linked here if need a look? Metallica fans are totally insane so they will shell out whatever to see these grey hair old men play songs they wrote when they were young! I guess, I’m saying to me Metallica now are a total nostalgia live act even if they last few albums have gone number one worldwide but really does anyone what them to play the new-ish songs? Nope would be the honest short answer! I did read an interview recently with James and Lars saying they will never quit or stop the band until they drop dead, off course they’re having a go at Slayer for calling time on their band. Sorry to remind you James and Lars but a member of Metallica did drop dead Cliff Burton and you guys just continue business as usual in the 1980’s. So in my opinion your statement is total bullshit, I think unless both James and Lars or even Kirk drop dead together at the same time somehow they will keep going forever! I say Robert Trujillo should just hire a new singer, drummer, guitar player and keep Metallica going even after James, Lars and Kirk all are dead and gone as some kind-of bass player revenge or karma? OK, my little bonkers rant almost over but fuck me, stop saying dumb shit in interviews! Then again they’re metal heads and I shouldn’t be reading interviews. Anyway by now Metallica fans have found me and lynched, hung me in closest tree or light-post until I’m dead because I’m not saying very nice things about them!

Anyway when I was sixteen and did love them so much and I did get to see them live, it was on my birthday too so how wicked cool is that? Last month I did blog a late 90’s gig at the Perth Entertainment Centre but these would be my earliest shows I got to see at that same venue.

7th of April, 1993 Metallica setlist was:

1. Creeping Death
2. Harvester of Sorrow
3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
4. Sad But True
5. Wherever I May Roam
6. Of Wolf and Man
7. The Unforgiven
8. Justice Medley including parts of the songs: 1. Eye of the Beholder, 2. Blackened, 3. The Frayed Ends of Sanity, 4. …And Justice for All, 5. Blackened
9. Bass Solo
10. Guitar Solo
11. Through the Never
12. For Whom the Bell Tolls
13. Fade to Black
14. Master of Puppets
15. Seek and Destroy
16. Whiplash
17. Nothing Else Matters
18. Am I Evil?
19. Last Caress
20. One
21. Enter Sandman

I when to the second  night’s show too on the 8th of April 1993 which the setlist was the same but they played Battery instead of Whiplash. I even find a fan filmed that whole gig and which now is uploaded to youtube for anyone to watch:

That’s 90’s Metallica live gig post all done and over even if I just typed about them now-ish!

The back of old tour t-shirt which I wore one until it wasn’t there anymore!

Cheers 🙂



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