Soundtrack Songs: True Detective (Season 2)

Leonard CohenNevermind

Lera LynnMy Least Favorite Life

Nick Cave & Warren EllisAll The Gold In California

Warren ZevonDetox Mansion

Bonnie ‘Prince’ BonnieIntentional Injury

T-Bone BurnettThe Locked Room

Lera LynnIt Only Takes One Shot

John AdamsHarmonielehre: Part II: The Anfortas Wound

The Black AngelsBlack Grease

New York DollsHuman Being

Lera LynnLately

Spoilers! I re-watched the second season the other night and yeah, binge the whole thing  in one sitting on the weekend and off course it’s not as great as the first season but it’s NOT as bad as everyone did say at that time. I think, I’ve gone on record here on my blog somewhere else saying first season of True Detective is most likely one of my most fave TV shows ever made, it’s beyond perfect and total masterpiece! I’m going type a bit about this season in details. The third season came and when with very little fanfare at start of this year. No-one seem to care at all about that one but very quick review by me is I did love it too but I will blog post about that, hopefully sooner that later! I did blog some songs from True Detective (Season 1) but nothing about show itself last year, linked here.

Now want I love about this second season which I guess, is what most people hated: the three main characters or the main cops your following in this season is the best or nicest description of them is they’re three totally fucked-up cops thrown together to try to solve a case everyone wants them NOT to solve. So casting nice guy actor Vince Vaughn as Frank Semyon who’s a gangsta but doesn’t like to be called a gangsta but is best buddy with fucked-up cop number one: Detective Ray Velcoro as played by Colin Farrell. The fucked-up cop number two is Detective Ani Bezzerides as played by Rachel McAdams, both her and Colin are under-rated great actors in my opinion. The fucked-up cop number three is Officer Paul Woodrugh as played by Taylor Kitsch which I can’t say I’ve seen him in anything else at all, sorry to say. I’ve never been a big fan of Vince Vaughn, most likely the biggest name in this season but he’s perfect casting really when you think about it. All these four main characters are not very likable, unlike Rust and Marty from the first season.

Main scenes: got to say something about the biggest bloodbath shot-out gone totally wrong in movie/TV show history which off coarse is a total red herring too. It’s such a over the top massacre because everyone dead by the end of it including pretty much all the cops minus these three, all the bad guys plus their meth lab that blows-up in the middle of all this. Then any member of the general public who just happened to be walking down the street is killed and then when you think your going to get a car chase it end as quickly as it started but goes up to the near-by street where a lot of people are protesting something and then bad guys automatic weapon a whole bus load of people because that’s what they crash into in their get away car so by the end of it all the only three standing are those three cops. It ends everything about this unsolvable case because the easiest thing to do is the blame the now dead bad guys, yeah they’re Mexican meth lab bad guys who shot-up the whole neighborhood but not the bad guys of this case. Most peeps seen the whole 2nd season as can I use a metaphor now: a mass gun shot-out gone totally wrong. When Rust and Marty faked a big shot-out in the first season and told everyone a pack of lies to find the case was not done but were celebrated heroes at the time, not so for this season’s cops. Everyone knows or all viewers did knew about the orgy scene before even seeing so over-hyped TD season two was! It turned out to be just rich-assholes but to me it was actually good and cleaver part no matter what everyone else says. For the fact what really happens is fucked-up cop number two cons her way into it, BTW she is a pissed-off feminism knife wheeling nutcase so she kills two rich tuxedo assholes pointblank, it’s a pity she didn’t do in anymore!

Other bits I loved: Lera Lynn plays recurring character as bar-room muso performing her songs in a dive bar frequented by Ray fucked-up cop number one and Frank not the gangsta. Somehow I’ve narrowed it down to only three songs above but all LL’s tracks in the season are total killer cuts and then her album was great too, you know? They did do a soundtrack album around this time but included some songs from the first one because that never did a soundtrack album then. I did buy it but got to say, I still don’t why they didn’t do two with a lot more of the songs as used in both because, I think people would have buy two or maybe they wouldn’t? I don’t know?

Also proves you should never trust anyone including all the other police offices not killed in that messy bloody shot-out because the more clear-cut they’re the worst they’re really,  or any kind-of politicians because the higher up they’re the most evil and corrupted they’re, land-developers or real-estate agents are just two-faced lairs who take everyone’s money and give you nothing in return and pretty much everyone living in California is guilty of something, if you wanna look? The Mexican drug-dealing gangstas are really the good guys compared all the scumbags I’ve just listed above. In the opening episode does have a scene showing how the best way to deal with high school kid bully and side-note I remember flatting two bully’s at school in the middle of full classroom twice and then the teachers punished me.

Well, by the end they do solved the case but it’s all too late because in the meantime two of the three fucked-up cops are dead by the end credits and the other one leaves California for overseas because they’re going to kill her next. The only kind-of happy ending is once oversea the now ex-fucked-up cop number two hand-balls all the case files to a New York Times reporter to blow it out of the water but final credits roll before we see that happening.

Conclusion: It seems to me watching it this time around, almost every part about the second season was done not to be liked/enjoyed or to be endlessly disappointing over and over because it goes with the theme of nobody can win going against the power’s-that-be because they’re in power for their reasons and they’re not going to give it up for nothing, you know? As watcher/viewers of police TV shows we’ve grown to must see the case be solved in half an hour or less but in reality things like what is explored here in True Detective (Season 2) will always be covered-up because that’s what does really happen. The show was called a flop and panned in 2015 because I think, most peeps don’t want to know or be told the biggest/worst or most evil scumbags in the world are in the biggest offices or houses everyone can see and are not some faceless nameless mass murder/s full-stop.

TD’s season two crime scene didn’t shown up until the very end of the first episode where Woodrugh finds Caspere on the coast in the middle of the night!

Cheers 🙂



  1. All three series were excellent, in my opinion William.
    In the third, I loved how the two guys became deep friends in their third age. First series had two brilliant actors. The second was definitely under-rated.
    Music in all three has been good – reminding me in some ways of the soundtrack to ‘The Wire’.👍👏

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  2. You have just nudged me to rewatch the 1st season. I don’t watch a lot of TV but this was more like an extended feature. The music was real good. T-Bone might have had something to do with that. I have atake coming up on him next week.
    Have you seen ‘The Bridge’, Scandinavian show? I really liked the first couple seasons of that. Give it a couple episodes. It might grow on you. The lead woman is great. Real cool character. Great chemistry between the two leads and lots of solid supporting roles. Up there with TD just different style but dark.

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    1. Nope, i haven’t seen The Bridge but i will see if i can find it because it sounds like it’s right up my alley!
      T-Bone is a total genius and glad you rewatched TD1 again because it’s so great!
      Cheers CB 🙂

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      1. Oh yeah and yeah, 1st episode last night was wicked and most def want to see what happens next? so i will keep watching, so cool great man and cheers again for the reco! 🙂

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      2. Oh yeah, she is so very wicked cool! Up to like episode 7 already so might finish season 1 tonight? i don’t know what the hell is going to happen next? so that’s wicked great! Cheers again CB 🙂

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      3. I have a friend in the film industry (Sound Designer) who knew that I didn’t watch TV. He just said. “CB you gotta watch The Bridge. I think you will like it”. He was more than right. The show grows just like the relationship between Saga and Martin. I just love how natural and real it is. Like I said the best female character and performance I’ve seen for a long time. Plus the show is so well done.

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      4. Oh yeah, i did finished season 1 just last night and off course i thinking the whole thing was going to blow-up sky high but that would killed them all but Saga just shoots both of them to save the day! Well, if you don’t count his dead teenage son? That would have be way too Hollywood, if the bridge exploded and then what would the ship crash into in season 2? Yeah, i started the next one which looks like even more of an odd case too! That was great how they re-united a year later and yeah, they do really work great as cop partners and like how you say about their relationship! So they’re like three or four seasons? I’ve got a long way to go but might watch some more tonight too!
        Cheer CB 🙂

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      5. Yes I think they got it right. They stayed away from most the formula shit. It really is a good show. I hung in for 3 seasons and then backed away. The second season to me was just a continuation of the first. Quality stuff. Glad you’re enjoying it.
        Breaking Bad, True Detective (First one), Saul and The Bridge, are the only TV shows I’ve watched in years. A few others have been recommended and maybe I’ll get to them. I watch mostly film. Throw a few my way if something comes to mind. Just remember, none of that “Hollywood” stuff. Later.

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      6. Oh yeah, i loved Breaking Bad too but not so much into the Saul show but then i do love most of The Walking Dead but i do understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea! The Bridge is so great and is totally up there with True Detective and Breaking Bad but i can’t think of anything to reco to you right now!

        I’ve been including some my fave movies in the A to Z posts which I’ve only just started last month with only three so far but more coming next month they can be found here under that tag
        if you want to check them out or not? I’m going be throwing in a lot of Aussie films which could be, i think? might be down your alley?
        Cheers again CB 🙂

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      7. I’m all over Aussie films. have watched quite a few over the years and have done a couple takes on a couple.
        Yeas I will pop over and catch your choices along with the music. i listened to the Zappa/ Burroughs bit. Frank is a perfect choice. I love his delivery.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Oh well, i don’t know if i will be able to tell you anything you don’t already know about? meaning that is Aussie movies, if your all over them! Oh yeah, Frank’s WSB is cool!
        Cheers CB 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Shoot away. I’m sure there are lots I don’t know about and on the ones we have in common we can compare notes. Obviously being a big Cave guy ‘The Proposition’ will be on your list.
        I will dive into more of your music takes. Some very interesting choices and others I’m not familiar with.

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Oh well, i was a very longtime ago putting together my fave Aussie films list post so i should just finish it offf! I’ll try and get it done in this coming week or so, OK? How does that sound? You then can just have a look and see what you’ve watched or not? compare notes etc.
        Cheers and have a great weekend CB 🙂

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