Wicked Songs: River O Tears by Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males

Another old song from 2004 today, well it’s three tracks really! But that’s only song co-written by Dan Kelly and Gareth Liddiard above. When Gareth was a member of Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males band he played bass guitar on Sing the Tabloid Blues album. That’s Dan’s debut album and River O Tears is the closing track plus that’s Liddiard playing the guitar solo too on it. In 2010 when Kelly had just released Dan Kelly’s Dream album and Liddiard had put out his Strange Tourist record both did a co-headlining Aussie tour together. That’s where today’s featured photo came from, promo for that tour. The next time these two would join forces in the recording studio would Dan’s fourth album Leisure Panic in 2015 where Gaz played bottle-top guitar on the song called National Park And Wildlife:

Making it a kind-of trilogy of guesting on each other records. Dan returning the favor on the final The Drones album Feelin Kinda Free of 2016 he played the outro on Tailwind:

Once I was trying to do the pure insanely of blogging everything GL has ever done! Which is still unfinished but all the ones I’ve done so far! Off course that’s minus his solo, The Drones and TFS posts are linked now in dot points below, if anyone else is interested?

  • The Gutterville Splendour Six: his 90’s Perth W.A. band when he was just the lead guitarist and in early 2010’s the complete recordings was reissued Spainish label BANG! records.
  • Digger & The Pussycats: Mid-2000’s Melbourne two pierce punks debut album Young, Tight & Alright where GL guest on a few of this albums tracks.
  • Rowland S. Howard covers: Mid-2000’s The Drones did Crowned by These Immortal Souls, live solo with members of These Immortal Souls did Hyperspace plus I’ve never found a recording of him with HTRK’s Jonnine Standish doing (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny track but a couple of photos together.
  • Kim Salmon covers: He was once a roadie for Kim so years later with Mick Harvey and Brian Hooper they payed tribute to him live with three clips appeared online.
  • Joel Silbersher collaborations: He’s done a couple of 7″ singles linked here and here plus The Drones did GOD’s My Pal with Joel on lead vox linked here.
  • Magic Dirt & Adalita collaborations: It’s grand total of four times, so far they’ve worked together and put them all in the same post, this time.
  • Rockwiz Duet: of The Rolling Stones’ Wild Horses with The Audreys’ Taasha Coates.
  • Patti Smith’s Horses album: the whole thing was covered in full live with Jen Cloher, Courtney Barnett & Adalita in 2015.
  • Amateur Hour’s Holding The Tail with Laura Imbruglia: His one and only time as an actor playing an yellow vest wearing, shit-talking, beer-drinking Aussie all in four minutes.
  • What Would I Know? by Brian Henry Hooper: What would BHH final album GL was ask to play lead guitar on it and released only last year.
  • The Cat by Ben Salter: For Salty’s debut solo album in 2011 he was co-producer it at his country Victoria recording studio.
  • Rest In Piss by Batpiss: As producer again, not that he likes to be credited as that but it’s what he’s going and also at his own Melbourne-city recording studio.
  • Drum by Gold Class: Yet again as producer and at his own Melbourne recording studio too.
  • Modern Convenience by MOD CON: TFS’s band mate Erica Dunn other bands debut album he producer and was recorded at his newest country Victoria recording studio.
  • Bong Odyssey by Gareth Liddiard & Rui Pereira: Recordings from 1990’s of Pre-The Drones in Perth W.A. which was only released early last year on BANG! records again.
  • National Cocktail Favourites: cover of The Modern Lovers/Jonathan Richman’s Vincent Van Gogh song which was in 2017 in-between The Drones last album and just starting TFS which this was the first recording by them even if it’s under a different name.
Dan Kelly and Gareth Liddiard
Gareth Liddiard (right) and Dan Kelly (left) by the open sea!

Cheers 🙂


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