Great Art: Rodney Pople’s Selected Work of 2008-18

It’s been over a couple weeks since my art gallery post! If you remember or not? I did say was going to some Aussie artists and this time it’s a painter and another controversially artist again. He’s born in Launceston in 1952 and does have a website, linked here from more of his art. All works below are oil on linen which a little lighter than canvas plus a couple do have ink or watercolors but mainly it’s oils.

Today’s subject matter is Catholic Church children molesters with both the beginning and finishing artworks: Santa Maria della Salute is a church in Venice, Italy and I don’t have to tell you what it means when a great white shark is swimming in it? The final artworks is a portrait Steve Fisher who is an Australian child abuse survivor of the Catholic Church. Second down is the artist’s self-portrait as Archibald finalists in 2008. The title is an Andy Warhol quote which he’s wearing on the white t-shirt and off course the painting itself is based on Goya’s The shootings of May 3rd 1808. Next down is the place of Australia’s biggest or worst mass shooting and in the foreground has killer Martin Bryant holding his semi-atomic weapon. The Upper House painting is the interior of Aussie parliament which as you can see features some gay sex front and center plus just to prove how useless Aussie government is they finally pass same-sex married bill in 2017. Don’t need to tell you who Churchill is? Or what happened in Gallipoli, 1915? Would you trust any of this these so-called leaders in the 21st century send you and your mates to the right beach today?

Santa Maria della Salute, 2014
Art is what you can get away with, 2008
Port Arthur, 2012
Upper House, 2011
Winston in the Bath – Gallipoli 1915, 2018
Legacy of Betrayal (portrait of Steve Fisher), 2016

Perth W.A. band called Snowman once did a song called The Gods of the Upper House from second album entitled The Horse, The Rat and The Swan of 2008. So that’s my song of the day:

Extra bonus music: Snowman had three albums before breaking up, when on to base themselves in Melbourne and then London. If you really want to could sub-title each of the three albums on those three cities the 2006 debut self-titled was the Perth, W.A. album. The second one entitled The Horse, the Rat and the Swan was really Melbourne, Victoria album and 2011’s Absence was London, U.K. album which was release after they called quits. Two members of the band Olga Hermanniusson and Ross DiBlasiomoved moved to Iceland to start a family. Both Andy Citawarman and Joe McKee continued releasing new music like Joe’s last years’ An Australian Alien album titled because he’s now based in Los Angeles, California. Might as well included that:

Andy’s A Simple Man song from a couple of years ago:

Or last years Fearless Careless track now calling himself Citarum, he wrote the song in Abu Dhabi desert but he’s based in London:

Here’s Absence album too:

Here’s The Horse the Rat and the Swan album to finish today:

I should really have done a whole Snowman, Joe and Andy blog post not just tagged them on the end of this post, oh well! Hope you enjoy all of it, if you pressed play?

Cheers 🙂

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