What I’ve Been Listening to in August 2019

Right, I’m back after a couple of weeks off blogging so did anyone miss me? Anyway what a month of new music, maybe the best month of new stuff for 2019! Some of my most very, very, very fave acts released albums this past month but I’m saying my fave today plus I’m going out on a limb to say might just be my fave album of the whole year of 2019, not just last month…

Gold medal: Venus In Leo by HTRK with only couple days left of last month, out on 30th of August but somehow I got my copy early on 21st? Thanks to you know who you are, if your reading this? HTRK’s Venus In Leo is the fourth album by them. They did release a couple of songs late last year, another one only last month, another only early August and anyway here’s whole album:

Silver medal: Braindrops by Tropical Fuck Storm on 23rd of August was released, the second album within a couple of years of forming this new-ish band. BTW I’ve notice in almost all promo stuff for this album they’re now calling Liddiard’s and Kitschin’s past act The Drones defunct. I guess, The Drones are dead and gone so long live TFS. That old band had seven albums and then Gary did his one and only solo album so really Braindrops is number ten album for him as singer so here’s the album:

Bronze medal: At the very beginning of this month on the 2nd of August Mark Lanegan dropped the first of two albums he’s done/doing for this year! Under the name of Not Waving & Dark Mark which I’ve learned they both have been working on this album since 2014, album entitled Downwelling. The collaboration album between him and real name Alessio Natalizia aka Not Waving. So here’s that album:

4th place: The trash metal King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard album entitled Infest The Rat’s Nest which which was released on 16th August. I totally love trash and I wish every band on earth did their very own trash album say like imagine what a Nick Cave or Radiohead trash metal albums would sound like? That’s never ever going to happen but the King Gizz has done it with their fifteenth studio album! Here’s the whole album:

BTW Mars For the Rich is also now a video game too, linked here.

Dyson Stringer Cloher is an Aussie supergroup of Mia Dyson, Liz Stringer and Jen Cloher just going under each of their last names. Who did put out track Falling Clouds in late July actually but their debut self-titled album is out on October 4th. The song title and if you listen to it? It’s about two wicked great Aussie bands of late 80’s/early 90’s Falling Joys and The Clouds plus kudos for rhyming Nick (Cave) with dick too:

Or just watch the video clip:

Which leads to Falling Joys’ Black Bandages of 92:

And then The Clouds’ Hieronymus of 91:

More biggest news of last month of forthcoming albums is ex-Sonic Youth Kim Gordon debut solo album No Home Record out on 11th October with video promo for song Sketch Artist:

Also coming soon is the fourth Xylouris White album on Nov. 8th entitled The Sisypheans. Once again produced by Guy Picciotto of Fugazi and if you need reminding that’s lute player and vox by George Xylouris and Jim White on drums of Dirty Three. The albums opening track is called Tree Song here’s the promo video:

Yet another upcoming release but for next year is simply entitled Mark Kozelek with Ben Boye and Jim White 2 by those said three musos. Release date is February 7th 2020 but remember Mark Kozelek with Petra Haden’s Joey Always Smiled is out on October 11th. Both are seven track albums so same number of songs like this year’s April release of Sun Kil Moon’s I Also Want to Die in New Orleans. Which that was a double CD so who knows both these albums could be just as long as that? He’s dropped one song from the Mark Kozelek with Ben Boye and Jim White 2 album already called Where’s Gilroy? In part about America’s latest mass shootings plus a bit of a history lesson of violence in U.S.A. but then also somehow sung about the last book he finished reading was Holly Throsby’s last novel Cedar Valley and is just over 15 minutes long song:

The Celibate Rifles lead singer-songwriter Damien Lovelock passed away aged 65 early last month of motherfuckin’ cancer. I’ve been hammering all their stuff but might not mean a thing to oversea readers/followers? But he or they’re one of the greatest Aussie punk bands who did stay together from late 70’s to present, he was one of three main members! He did two solo albums too, was also a mad surfer, co-hosted Aussie’s soccer/footy TV/Radio shows and in his later years he was even yoga instructor plus almost every photo at the start of last month when he died was with one or another of his many pug-dogs. I’ve picked just one album today to highlight his/their very long music career with 1987’s Roman Beach Party:

Passing away last month as well by apparently suicide was David Berman of Silver Jews and more recently of Purple Mountains. Back in May he released his comeback single All My Happiness is Gone after over a decade of no new music and then came only last month was the debut Purple Mountains self-titled album. He was 52 years old so if you haven’t listen to it yet? Here it is to finish today’s blog post:

 So that’s really very long post for last month! Off course, I’ve been listening more than that so they’re the ones I really wanna highlight on my version of last month with my very biased selection in this blog post! Hope you enjoy all or some or just one, if you pressed play?

HTRK released album in August which most likely is going to be my fave album of the year 2019!

Cheers 🙂


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