Gareth Liddiard’s 5 Favorite Female Vocalists

“They’re just better at it, I don’t know why,” he says. “I just think physiologically and attiudedly, they’re just better at it. Men are better drummers, usually, but women are way better singers. A great male singer like Frank Sinatra doesn’t come close to someone like Ella Fitzgerald; she would just smoke him any day of the week.”

Betty DavisGame Is My Middle Name

Diamanda Galas25 Minutes To Go

Karen DaltonSame Old Man

Edith PiafHeaven Have Mercy

AdalitaJewel Thief

Yet another list of this guy namedropping artists and songs which this time is five female singers with a track each. The date was in May 2014, that’s a year after I See Seaweed album. Re-posting here again on my blog and lifted from double J radio linked here. The streaming thingy is broken and not working but off coarse, I found all five songs on YouTube and embedded them above.

I might, now be getting very close to re-posting all of these type of  whatever the hell you call this now? The complete posts of Gary L namedropping other’s music is:

GL in 2017 photo which, I think? Was take on his Brazil holiday! His version site-seeing?

Cheers 🙂


  1. Wow! I have never really thought about it but (now that I do) there can be no denying that women are SO, SO MUCH better at singing than men.
    If a list was made of the ‘all-time greatest 100 singers’ would any male make the top 25? And comparing Ella Fitzgerald with Frank Sinatra? Come on …. that’s like comparing Donald Bradman with Bob Hawke.

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