A to Z: D is for…

So letter “D” is just gotta be Kim Deal, one of the greatest bass player ever as in the band Pixies and one of my fave or just greatest singer-songwriter, guitar player in The Breeders and off course to honor mention to her other band The Amps and don’t forget her solo stuff too! My very first music festival was the Big Day Out in 1994 where The Breeders played and have I said? The first time crowd surfing was to Cannonball, hitting the crowd just as the band kicked in after that bass riff right at the start of the song! Do I need to say anymore? Let’s listen to The Breeders’ Cannonball right now again:

Five “D” songs today are:

Die Interimsliebenden by Einstürzende Neubauten (1993)

Drop Out by Beasts Of Bourbon (1984)

Dogs by Sun Kil Moon (2014)

Deathly by Aimee Mann (1999)

Dial: Revenge by Mogwai featuring Gruff Rhys (2001)

A couple of “D” books:

Depression And How To Survive It by Spike Milligan & Anthony Clare (1993) I’m only halfway though it ATM but Thom Yorke name dropped it once saying it helped him with his depression so it might help me, who knows?

Down in the Zero (Burke #7) by Andrew Vachss (1994) This one is for crime fiction fans, if you are looking for hard-boiled writer? Vachss is very under-rated author and he works as juvenile lawyer and child protection consultant in real life so he knows his stuff. He started the Burke series in the mid-80’s has 18 novels in the set!

Three “D” films:

Delicatessen (1991) Directors: Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Stars: Marie-Laure Dougnac, Dominique Pinon. So let’s listen to Carlos D’Alessio’s Tika Tika Walk:

Dancer in the Dark (2000) Director: Lars von Trier, Stars: Björk, Catherine Deneuve. Let’s listen to Björk featuring Thom Yorke’s I’ve Seen It All:

Donnie Darko (2001) Director: Richard Kelly, Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone. I’ve picked Under the Milky Way by The Church as today’s last song:

That’s letter “D” with nine songs today and might have made it a little tiny bit tooo short or is that a good thing?

Smile, it’s Kim Deal in the 90’s!

Cheers 🙂


  1. I would be interested in hearing about that book about depression it is something I have also battled with since forever, but it comes and goes and fluctuates for me.

    Kim Deal, I totally agree she is a genius.

    And loved Delicatessen as well as Dancer in the Dark and Donnie Darko! Now are you going to E? a good idea to do this A-Z thing

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    1. Maybe, i will type something about that book when i finish it too? i seem to keep saying that to you lately! BTW i am reading like ten books at the same time ATM but i promise from now on i will do a blog for any books i do finish for now on, OK? even if it’s most likely a total useless post!
      letter E is going to be tricky but it’s going to have to wait until next week! i didn’t really plan this A-Z thingo, it just looked like fun but some letters have miss a whole pile of stuff, so far and thinking about it now some letters are going to be very, very tricky even more tricky than E!
      Cheers 🙂

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      1. It’s all good William, if you feel you want to do the review I would be interested to read it though. I am reading about 10 books too at the moment. A mix of non-fiction and fiction. Some I actually finish, others I get bored wth and then quit along the way, although quitting books can make you feel a bit guilty like you have failed or something LOL, its not our failure tho it’s the author’s failure for not making the book engaging enough! Letter E – here is a brain dump for you – Enigma, En Vogue, Europe, Electric Ladyland, Everything But the Girl, Mark Eeee Smith…I don’t know where that came from hehe hope it helps!

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      2. Oh well, I have got the letter “E” post all done and dusted now but I’m posting it tomorrow morning and sorry to say not including any of your great brain dump but thanks for all the ideas, one is included in the letter “F” post which is also done now and is going be posted the day after tomorrow because I only post thing per day for some reason?
        I think, I’m a pretty slow reader and very easy distracted too but i do like the idea of keeping some kind notes/record of finishing reading stuff so might as well do it here? After how ever long I’ve been blogging for? I’m not much of a reviewer of whatever?
        Cheers 🙂

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      3. So sorry, i mean i only do one blog post per day, does that now make sense? i was calling the post a thing! for some reason the other day? anyway i hope you enjoyed both E & F which are up, have got G coming tomorrow morning, you most likely haven’t got to E yet but going a little overboard ATM because done H now is done too so that’s got to be Friday, i guess? if i stick to my own one post per day rule! listen whenever you can, off course and you really don’t have to comment about everything, if you find something/s you really dig that’s cool but some/all of it might not be your cup of tea too! Cheers 🙂

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      4. I actually like to comment it;s nice. Ifind it relaxing. I have gone off social media with all of its depressing news but for some reason interacting on WordPress is very relaxing and comforting to me LOL so thta’s why I post, but not just to you…many others I ramble on to 🙂

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      5. Oh well, that’s cool and yeah i give up social media tooo! after reading your why do you blog post i really wonder but i guess it’s fun but i really should comment on others blogs a little more than i do?
        Cheers 🙂

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      6. To be honest if you keep to whatever makes you happy and gives you joy through it you can’t go wrong. You shouldn;t feel obligated to comment if you don’t want to. I actually enjoy it, it’s like a long running conversation so that’s why I tend to write back to people

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    1. I’m here to remind you these things! I haven’t watch it in a while so might watch it again tonight? So glad you dug those two/three Kev!
      Cheers yet again 🙂


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