Top Ten Tracks: Sub Pop

Let’s totally change things up for my TTT posts right now! Going to start this Sunday doing my ten fave songs as released by a selected record label each weekend for a little while, OK? Beginning with one of most influenced 80’s/90’s indie labels which needs no intro which is still very active in 2019. The key to the grunge movement of 90’s, founded in 1986 by Bruce Pavitt & Jonathan Poneman but by mid-90’s 49% of it was owned by major label. Anyway you can read a full history of the label somewhere else. Today I’m counting any songs released on any format by them but off course it’s mainly the ones I’ve collect below also it’s only one song by each artist rule too:

The Human Jukebox by Scientists (1987) on Absolute (1991) comp album

Spank Thru by Nirvana (1988) on Sub Pop 200 comp album

Lost Cause by Cosmic Psychos ‎(1989) on album Go The Hack

Meating My Head by Lubricated Goat (1990) on 7” as part of the Sub Pop Singles Club Vol.1

Shove by L7 (1990) on album Smell The Magic

Suck You Dry by Mudhoney ‎(1992) on album Piece Of Cake

Seven Angels by Earth (1993) on album Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version

Pendulum by Mark Lanegan (1994) on album Whiskey for the Holy Ghost

Entertain by Sleater-Kinney (2005) as single and on album The Woods

FFS by Deaf Wish (2018) as single and on album Lithium Zion

80’s: three songs, 90’s: five, 2000’s: one and 2010’s: one is the score line this weekend! I was always amazed how much great Aussie bands ended up on this label and most likely where I first heard Scientists, Cosmic Psychos, Lubricated Goat and even Deaf Wish if truth be told because it was on this label. I can’t remember what year I got Sub Pop 200 comp album but it wasn’t 1988 but it did ended up in my 305 perfect albums list and then albums Earth 2, Whiskey for the Holy Ghost and The Woods all ended up in that list too! Cutting it down to just ten tracks was a lot hard but fun so I did enjoy doing it like this, I’m going to stick with this like by the record label for a long while now, OK?

It’s the Sub Pop logo!

So what’s your fave song/s put out on Sub Pop label?

Cheers 🙂

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