A to Z: F is for…

So I’m saying today and most likely only me? The greatest English band ever was The Fall and the best English singer-songwriter of all-time is Mark E. Smith! Every and all English readers/followers can bitch and moan at me, what about The Beatles, Stones, Bowie? Nope, nope, nope it’s The Fall for me but please do remember it’s only my little opinion! I did see the final The Fall Aussie tour in 2015 which off course no one knew it was close to the end because they seem on fire or boiling over or something? I did type a post about it as one of my ever first blog post, linked here if you want I say at the time? Anyway on second last The Fall album entitled Sub-Lingual Tablet of 2015 was the track Fibre Book Troll aka Facebook Troll:

 Even more Mark E. Smith was side-project under the name of Von Südenfed with the guys from Mouse On Mars who had an album in 2007 entitled Tromatic Reflexxions had the song Flooded:

Just five cool letter “F” songs:

Far Away Eyes by The Rolling Stones (1978):

Fun Loving by Dropbears (1981):

Falling Over You by The Triffids (1989):

Fast Car by Xiu Xiu (2003):

Fuck Off by Pist Idiots (2017):

Quickly naming a couple letter “F” books with continuing the fall theme as…

The Fall by Albert Camus (1959)

The Falls by Peter Greenaway (1994)

Couple more non-falling theme letter “F” books:

Fup by Jim Dodge (1983)

A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz (2008)

Also quickly naming a couple letter “F” movies too…

Fight Club (1999) director: David Fincher, stars: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton

Flirting (1991) director: John Duigan, stars: Noah Taylor, Thandie Newton

That’s letter “F” done and dust making it a little shorter, did anyone enjoy that or them too?

It’s mid-2010’s The Fall with the sun going down in a car-park somewhere?

Cheers 🙂


  1. The Fall influenced Pere ubu at the end of the 80s. So the Album “Cloudland” shows how hard David Thomas was trying to write Songs in the kind of Mark E. and made the Band to sound like the Fall.
    The Album is very underrated – everywhere.
    Am I -worldwide- the only one who likes it?

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