Top Ten Tracks: 4AD

From Seattle last weekend’s TTT to London this Sunday! This English label does have a few of my fave artists on it over the years so it’s totally no brainier for me. Am I today calling it the U.K. best indie label or record company? Well, it comes as my second selected after Sub Pop post so make of that what you will but I didn’t call Sub Pop the greatest label on earth or anything last weekend. Anyway it’s another independent record label who was founded by Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent in 1980, if you want to know their names? I will not bother to go into a full history or anything today and better bios can be found somewhere else? I think, that’s the intro over and done so here are my picks:

Song To The Siren by This Mortal Coil as single (1983) and on It’ll End In Tears (1984) album:

Mutiny In Heaven by The Birthday Party (1983) on Mutiny/The Bad Seed (1989) comp album:

 Pump Up The Volume by M|A|R|R|S (1987) as single:

Where Is My Mind? by Pixies (1988) on Surfer Rosa album:

Cannonball by The Breeders (1993) as single and Last Splash album:

Mistress by Red House Painters (1993) on the Rollercoaster album:

Tipp City by The Amps (1995) as single and on Pacer album:

Up the Wolves by the Mountain Goats (2005) on The Sunset Tree album:

The Gravedigger’s Song by Mark Lanegan Band (2012) as single and Blues Funeral album:

Epizootics! by Scott Walker (2012) on Bish Bosch album:

Final scoreboard: 80’s four, 90’s three, 2000’s: one and two from 2010’s. Three years with double wammys: 1983, 1993 and 2012. Fun fact today: Pump Up The Volume was the label’s one and only number one single on the mainstream charts. I did make the rule one song per artist rule last weekend but I’m breaking second week in with Kim Deal fronting both The Breeders and The Amps but I have said I do love her so much before? It’s kind-of different as least by band name only plus off course she was bass player in the Pixies too so that three times today! She’s mainly worked only with this label her whole career. Mark Lanegan was on last weekend’s TTT post but is he going to be on next weekend’s? Only one Aussie band this time with The Birthday Party and what else?  That’s it!

4AD logo!

Asking you what are your fave 4AD label track/s?

Cheers 🙂


  1. two things: have you listened to the mesh and lace LP from modern english aaaannnndddd you should also check out an album called three times and waving by a band called breathless. singer of breathless was used by ivo on a lot of the this mortal coil stuff…

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    1. Oh thanks Stan, i will check them out when i can? sorry for very late reply, i have been offline last few days, this week and maybe i should have had some less big names too in my top ten, i don’t know? Anyway have nice day/night and cheers 🙂


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