A to Z: J is for…

OK, like yesterday staying with more of my teenage self years! Today naming Jason Newsted as fave bass player way back then. Still most likely, could be my fave Metallica band member even if he quit the band years ago! It’s also the third bass player I’ve featured in my A-Z thingo too! He always seem like he was the outside in the world’s biggest metal band until he leaved them behind. I guess, would most name Cliff Burton as best Metallica member ever but I was too young for them then and only got into them around … And Justice For All album. Apologizing for my little/big mad rant about them last month which is linked here but they can say or do anything they like, they’re one of the biggest band in world, what does it matter what I think about them today or last month? Anyway Newsted only got three songwriting credits the whole time he was in that band because he wrote the main riff in these songs:

Blackend (1988):

The God That Failed (1991):

Where The Wild Thing Are (1997):

Half-a-dozen letter “J” songs are…

Just Keep Walking by INXS (1980)

Jerdacuttup Man by The Triffids (1986)

Jack The Ripper by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1992)

Judy’s Fence by Ricaine (1996)

Jezebel by The Drones (2006)

January 26 by A.B. Original (2015)

That’s all Aussie acts too, I didn’t really mean to that you know? Does anyone care about the books and movies that I’m naming or just tagging on the end of these A-Z thingos? Let’s just forget about them now! Send hate mail, if you really want them! That’s nine songs today under letter “J” hope you dug something?

JN in Sydney, Australia in the late 80’s!

Cheers 🙂


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