Live Gigs: Robert Forster @ Mojo’s

This was total magic show! I’ve just gotta post something about this, it’s been a pretty bad week or so for blogging meaning zero have been posted, if you haven’t notices? I’ve not posted any live gig lately too but this one really was very special, you know? I don’t know when Robert Forster, formerly of The Go-Betweens last played a gig in Perth? A longtime ago, I know I should know this but I don’t. Last time I did see him live over east around the time of his last solo album. That time was with a full band but this was just solo with an acoustic guitar and it was unbelievable! I couldn’t believe it, I was seeing him playing Mojo’s and it’s solo with an acoustic! Joining him on about half the the songs on violin and backing vocals was Karin Bäumler too. To start with Robert himself confirmed he’s never played Mojo’s before but he did say he saw a wonderful Grant McLennan tribute night about eight years ago at the same venue which in his own words was a beautiful night and he hopes tonight with be just a good, well it was Robert!

Opening song was Baby Stones which is a song from his 90’s debut solo album. Playing almost all the new songs from this years’s Inferno album which was recorded in German, next he’s back overseas from more tour dates everywhere. A lot of songs from that last album of 2015 entitled Songs To Play, some 2000’s Go-Betweens songs played like Born To A Family, Darlinghurst Nights, Here Come A City and Surfing Magazines was the closing track with the everyone in the place joining in with the sing-a-long chorus. Even some old 80’s Go-Betweens songs got played like The House That Jack Kerouac Built, Head Full Of Stream and Spring Rain. What a bloody great night!

This is what RF looks like, you know? No gig photos or even poster/flyer!

Cheers 🙂



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