What I’ve Been Listening to in September 2019

Let’s keep it nice and simple this month! My top three September 2019 releases are:

On 13th of this month Miami Memory album by Alex Cameron was release, I guess he can be now filed under yet another Aussie singing about America or well, at least his famous America GF. I was thinking the whole thing would be all love song totally about her but it’s at all like that, you know? Well, not totally obvious until the voice-over at the very end on the last song which might be going too far?

On the very same day American Mike Patton teams up with French composer Jean-Claude Vannier. Mike’s running red hot ATM after having a great wicked hardcore punk self-titled band’s Dead Cross album a couple a years ago. Now comes the Corpse Flower album which off course is total different, maybe his most smoothest release ever:

African band Tinariwen dropped new album entitled Amadjar was available on September 6th. Albums a little different from past releases because Western musicians add parts: American Micah Nelson who’s son of the country music giant Willie Nelson, Aussie Warren Elllis of The Bad Seeds, Dirty Three add his violin and guitars from American Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))) plus Cass McCombs and Rodolphe Burger are all feature guests on their album. That’s really could be a good/great selling point but doesn’t really change what they do much at all, if any at all:

I think, it’s around now-ish we will be getting the last release dates of 2019! So just making it this year is the Swans new album! I didn’t think they would it all done by now but it’s out next month on October 25th entitled leaving meaning. That’s right it’s all low case with a full stop at the end is how it’s written on all official stuff, you know? The first taste is It’s Coming It’s Real which is pretty unbelievable, I didn’t think they could get any better but I might be proved wrong again:

Off course, just slipping in too are Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds! Who are dropping a brand new album entitled Ghosteen early next month, they’re releasing the whole thing in one big huge hit on the same day, streaming on Youtube first on the 3rd of October then the psychical copy’s arrive month later. If for some mad reason you’ve missed this big news? It’s a double album of over an hour of new music with 11 tracks! In the meantime if you haven’t noticed they’re putting the Live In Copenhagen movie up on Youtube, one song at a time so here’s the 90’s old classic Into My Arms:

Back to new music, if you’ve forgotten? The Mark Lanegan Band are also finally releasing a brand new album next month too, the forthcoming album entitled Somebody’s Knocking to be released on October 18th but he does have a new video clip for the song  Night Flight to Kabul:

Well, I’m still loving the HTRK new album so including them yet again this month because they did drop video clip of that album’s title track Venus in Leo:

That can be the last song today, that’s my month of mainly new music, I do hope you enjoy all or some or one?

Hands up in the air, it’s AC!

Cheers 🙂



  1. I liked Miami Memory but not as much as Forced Witness. Good news about Ghosteen dropping though I’m a little worried there are no promo singles at all. But the guy can do whatever he wants and people will listen.

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    1. Yeah, I think Forced Witness was the best thing he’s done since those first two Seekae albums years ago and maybe even better than them? Very hard album to follow up and yeah, most likely not as great/good or even far from it but I do totally love Divorce and End Is Nigh songs as the very best from it! Do you have a fave song or two yet?
      Well, Ghosteen is out now and listening to it in full is very different than having a lead single/video or two? I’ve just finish my second listen right now and I guess, can see/hear why they did it like that now? Need to listen again, well most likely listen to it a lot! How about you?
      Cheers Chris 🙂

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      1. I didn’t know about those Seekae releases, thanks for telling. I enjoyed the morbidly hilarious End Is Nigh and breezy Divorce as well. The second half of his 2019 album is better.

        I found myself dividing Ghosteen into manageable chunks, not the easiest thing to listen to 🙂 I liked the vulnerable vocal and heartfelt emotions. I think it will stand the test of time even if it is similar to Skeleton Tree themetically.

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      2. Listen to Ghosteen album again while typing right now! i think i like Skeleton Tree album better and then Push The Sky Away album even more! Maybe it’s early to say but yeah, you are right, it will stand the test of time but all the reviewers have been going a little over the top, i think?
        I remember seeing Seekae live and total love those 1st two albums by them but haven’t seen AC live yet, glad you check them out!
        Cheers Chris 🙂

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  2. William you are a hard guy to keep up with. Last time i was around i picked up Birthday Party, Rowland S Howard and The Dirty Three (all of which I dig bigtime). Now you throw Swan at me. There is no fast way through your takes so I will pop by periodically to listen. It’s the only way I can discover new stuff. You can throw in similar music as you see what I’m leaning towards. Good work.

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    1. Oh yeah, that’s cool CB, whatever works for you! Swans do have a huge back catalog which might have discovered how epic it is by now? Should keep you out of trouble for a while! 🙂

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