A to Z: K is for…

Well, my A to Z thingo continues today! It’s taken me two months to get to letter “K” so who knows how long this is going to take me to finish? I’m not doing it very quick at all for sure. Anyway my own award show continue today with my fave or greatest living America singer-songwriter which goes to drum-roll please: Mark Kozelek! Starting out in the 90’s with Red House Painters and since early 2000’s under the moniker of Sun Kil Moon and off course all his solo albums plus everything in between too! Like just above is his newest cover of 80’s band Huey Lewis and the News as made famous in the 1985 movie Back to the Future. This time he has team up with Petra Haden for collaborative album entitled Joey Always Smiled which is out on October 11th embedded above is The Power of  Love which is the albums closing track, you know? Off course I’ve gotta have just below is Red House Painters’ Katy Song (1993):

Half-a-dozen more letter “K” songs:

Kidney Auction Blues by Mod Con (2018)

King Sound by My Disco (2015)

Karmageddon by Abbe May (2013)

Keep Walking by The Mess Hall (2007)

Kong Foo Sing by Regurgitator (1996)

Know Your Product by The Saints (1978)

That’s back-to-back all Aussie six songs in my A to Z posts, maybe I should keep doing that from now on! So which song did you enjoy the best?

The always smiley MK sitting somewhere?

Cheers 🙂


      1. Thanks for that. Ill read it later.
        Here’s the deal. I have enough music to last me a life time but my ear loves new sounds. So far you have pointed me to some music that has really grabbed me. The problem is, I now don’t want to gloss over any of your takes in case i miss something really good. You’re just to prolific sort of like some of the jazz people i like.
        Last thing. Have you stopped throwing in a few of your film likes?

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      2. Oh sorry about that, should i keep naming movies? Just for you, right now! What about? Have you seen? The Kingdom by Lars Von Trier which is more a mini-series of mid-90’s, it’s got sub-titles but would be very high reco watching! 🙂

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      3. Oh yeah, maybe if i remember next time you comment i can thrown in a film or two? maybe should just do some movie blog posts or something? but no rush or anything, take as much time as you like! i did do much less blogging in Dec./Jan. but i seem to have got back into my mad daily posting something lately 🙂

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