A to Z: L is for…

Let’s see if I can on these A to Z thingos done, if I just focus on it? Well, letter “L” is for Gareth Liddiard who can win, if I’m still doing my own award show thingy? He can win my fave or greatest Aussie singer-songwriter award today! Just above is the latest video clip for his band Tropical Fuck Storm with The Happiest Guy Around song. Amazingly I’ve not posted it on my blog yet but it’s only been out a week or two, as you can see they’re all now monkeys in this video clip too! I’ve blogged a lot about GL, The Drones and TFS in the past so I don’t think I need to say much more about him today, OK? But here’s one more song by him with The Drones’ Laika (2013) today:

Half-a-dozen more letter “L” songs:

Life As A Gun by Gold Class (2015)

Little Rascals by Sun Kil Moon (2015)

Landslide by Kirin J Callinan (2013)

Lose The Baby by Lost Animal (2011)

Loom Of The Land by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1992)

Love Of Life by Swans (1992)

That’s eight tracks. I think, after about half the alphabet done I’ve got formula for these A to Z thingos right now? It’s only three and half Aussies today! So should I ask which one do you enjoy the most?

That’s the always smiley GL sitting somewhere? 

Cheers 🙂


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