A to Z: M is for…

OK, let’s keep this going now I’m on roll! So it’s Monks Time this Saturday morning! The Monks can have my own little award show award of my fave or greatest 60’s band of all-time, OK? Just above is the opening song on their one and only album, if don’t know this by now? It’s entitled Black Monk Time of the year 1966 but pretty everything else they recorded has released by now which it only two more. I’ve blogged them just a bit over, how long have I been blogging? I’m banged on and on how much I love them a little or lot in the past and because I’m really trying hard to get this A-Z thingy moving along a bit. So let’s get on with the rest, right now!

6 more letter “M” songs I totally love:

The Fall – Mr Pharmacist (1986)

GOD – My Pal (1986)

Bob Dylan – Man In The Long Black Coat (1989)

Faith No More – Midlife Crisis (1992)

PJ Harvey – Meet Ze Monsta (1995)

Jen Cloher – Mount Beauty (2012)

Only seven tracks today! So who likes/loves which song the best?

Meet the Monks, if you’ve never seen/heard them before?

Cheers 🙂


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