A to Z: N is for…

OK, normally Sunday is my TTT posts day or has been this year until I missed a couple last month and if haven’t been able to tell lately? I’m trying to get my A-Z thingy happening so it’s part 14 today! I’m going to thrown some under-rated Aussie acts as the feature artists now. I’ve expressed my love for The Necks in the past but not for a little/long while now. So they’re letter “N” award show, let’s give them my fave or greatest jazz act of all-time today, OK? I think, I would if I could label or call them more post-rock or something? But they been around still the late 80’s so they been around before that was even a thing. Besides, I dislike or hate labeling bands so why am I even doing it today? I don’t know? Maybe instrumental music would the best way to describe it, if you’ve never heard of The Necks before? Above is last year album entitled Body, yeah it’s just one track that’s 50 something minutes long but why not open your mind and have a listen to it?

Here are 6 more letter “N” songs I total love:

The Bats – North By North (1987)

The Clouds – Never Say Forever (1996)

Refused – New Noise (1998)

The Drones – Nine Eyes (2013)

Standish/Carlyon – Nono/Yoyo (2013)

DOG Power – Not Human (2018)

That’s seven song again today! Which one did you enjoy the most? Please tell, right now!

It’s The Necks and a very bright red brick wall!

Cheers 🙂


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