A to Z: O is for…

So if I’m still doing my own little award show along with these A-Z thingos? Beth Orton can wins my fave or greatest living English singer-songwriter today! It seems like a very long time ago now but Mark E. Smith did already win one for dead English singer-songwriter and The Fall win English band. So doing the polar opposite because, if you’ve not been able to tell by now? I do like to mix it up a bit! If you’ve not heard Beth before she continues the very long history of U.K. folk music but she throws in electronic, debuting in the 90’s and her seventh album was out in 2016. I’ve not blogged her about for a while but when I do I most likely say the same thing which is I love her! Seen her a few times live which I think I’ve typed this before somewhere on my blog but she’s really funny, joking about in between songs, she got that absurd British humour which I don’t you get much in her music. Anyway at the very top of the post is her song Moon because it was on her last wicked album of 2016 which was called Kidsticks and that word does have two letter “O” is it too!

Six more letter “O” song I total love and want to share with you:

Bo Diddley – Ohh Baby (1966)

Leonard Cohen – One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong (1969)

The Lighthouse Keepers – Ocean Liner (1984)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Orange (1994)

Swans – Oxygen (2014)

Time For Dreams – Operator (2017)

Seven song again today! Please do tell which one you enjoy the best?

BO is looking in an old window frame!

Cheers 🙂



  1. I love this Beth Orton song! There is a spacy vibe to the sparse strumming and then it goes into a more electronic feel also the glowing moon is really cool in the video clip. I don’t know much about her except a few songs I know from ages ago so I will look into this album further

    Love the Bo Diddley song too, it’s really funky. I havent heard much of his stuff before though but I know the name. I am excited to hear some more.

    Lighthouse keepers – I have never heard of this band before but this song is incredible. Really tight drums and guitar I can really feel it. It reminds me of a lot of the other early 80s stuff from the UK, a tiny bit like the Smiths perhaps but a bit less depressing and with a cool girl singer perhaps?

    John Spencer Blues Explosion…love it!

    I have just discovered some really cool bands now thanks to you. This is my fav post so far. Hope you have a good week,

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    1. Glad you enjoy this one and is your fave post, nice to hear it! Sorry for very late reply been offline for days this week but everything is on a timer so almost everything is still happening minus my getting back to you! Hoping your having a nice week too? Cheers 🙂

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      1. That’s OK no need to apologise. Yeah me too, everything is on a timer work, doing my hobbies, coming on here and writing things, it all takes a lot of time. There is something nice and comforting about coming back to the blogging though, you know? 🙂

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      2. I guess, then I’m not sorry for taking three days to get back to you this time! Yeah, blogging it is like you say so I’m taking a bit of a break but be back at the end of the month! 🙂

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    1. Well, over the last couple of days I’ve started listening mainly everything on Nice Music label of Melbourne and all it’s related artists, here’s the bandcamp link: https://nicemusiclabel.bandcamp.com/music
      i guess, it’s not all of it is ambient but almost all minus a couple are electronic in some way shape or form? the best ambient artist is called Fia Fiell which she has two albums out which both are well worth checking out! i’m digging her so much i’m going to have to included in my next post’s fave new music end of the month type of post! so you are getting in early or something? just because you asked! 🙂

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      1. Just listening and I love it! It’s very experimental and I swear I can hear some Melbourne trams rumbling in amongst the clatter of drums, it reminds me a little bit of Aphex Twin 🙂 I love love love it thanks for the recommendation have a great weekend

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