A to Z: P is for…

OK, toady I’m featuring another under-rated or obscure Aussie act you might not have heard of? Not that that means anything! Who already knows about the Primitive Calculators? From late 70’s punks scene but breaking up in year 1980 to very briefly reform in mid-80’s but then go back together in late 2000’s, they have releasing totally brand new stuff since then too! My own little award show, let’s give them my fave or greatest 70’s band of all-time award show show today because why not? Just above, I’ve included not one but two songs for you to listen too, lucky you! Both are very short songs and they’re were released on a 7″ single in 1979. The side A: I Can’t Stop It and side B: Do That Dance which I hope you do enjoined as much as me?

Six more letter “P” song I really want to share with you:

The Seeds – Pushin’ Too Hard (1966)

Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper (1981)

Prince – Peach (1993)

Don Walker – Party (1995)

Fiona Apple – Paper Bag (1999)

The Preatures – Pale Rider (2012)

Well, that’s eight song today! What did enjoy the most?

That’s the Primitive Calculators in some very long grass!

Cheers 🙂



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