A to Z: Q is for…

Yet another under-rated Aussie singer-songwriter today! It’s Jarrod Quarrell of who been working under the name Lost Animal since the early 2010’s who I’ve featured a couple of times already under the song titles bit in these posts but both those ones were from his debut Lost Animal album so at the top of the post is my fave Where It Ends from his last album of 2016 entitled You Yang. Time traveling back a bit more let’s included his two older bands just below. Back in 2009 he had a band called St Helens and the one and only Heavy Profession and I’m picking Pharaohs Tomb song from it today. Before that his first band was called The New Season and self-titled release in 2003 and picking the opening track Make It Easy On Yourself. My little award show can keep rolling along and I’m giving him the wicked coolest male singer-songwriter ever award today because he is!

Six more letter “Q” song I really wanna share are:

David Bowie – Queen Bitch (1971)

The Reels – Quasimodo’s Dream (1981)

Cosmic Psychos – Quarter To Three (1987)

Julee Cruise – Questions In A World of Blue (1993)

PVT – The Quick Mile (2010)

Mastodon – Quintessence (2009)

Amazingly I’ve got nine songs for one of the lesser popular letters of the alphabet! So gotta asked which song do you enjoy the most?

It’s JQ who just won my greatest coolest wicked man in music ever and he doesn’t give a fuck about it!

Cheers 🙂



    1. Well, maybe it should have just been the Fire Walk With Me movie? which had both David and Julee!
      Sorry for late reply Kev been offline this week but everything else is on timer so seems to be working fine without me minus the reply to all the comments! Cheers again man 🙂


  1. Goggle Jarrod Quarrell and you get here pretty quickly, least I did. Very talented guy whom I discovered through a newly discovered country (for me) Gareth Liddiard. I first heard ‘Lose the Baby’ as covered by TFS which I love, but soon dug more into Lost Animal, guy is great song writer!

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    1. Oh yeah, really? i did read an interview once with Liddiard were he was saying how Quarrell told him he didn’t like really how he sung Lose the Baby cover which i think is pretty funny!
      I totally love both those Lost Animal’s albums too and please do check out both his earlier bands St. Helens and New Season which are on bandcamp, here’s links to them if you can’t find them anywhere else?

      Cheers! 🙂


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