A to Z: S is for…

Well, it’s part 19 today of my A-Z thingo now so feels like I’m on to the final bit! Once again, my own little award show keeps rolling along which has been going on while I’ve been doing these posts. My fave or the greatest American band of all-time is: Swans! Just above is the brand new song for the new album out at almost the end of this month. The Hanging Man song above is from leaving meaning., album released worldwide October 25th. I have already included a couple of older faves under the letter songs bit! If you know nothing about them, they have been around since the late 70’s. Do I need to say anymore about them? I guess, you can ask me if you like because that’s what this is for but does everyone know them already?

6 letter “S” song I’m share with you today are:

The Pop Group – She Is Beyond Good And Evil (1979)

Straitjacket Fits – She Speeds (1987)

The Jesus Lizard – Seasick (1991)

Not From There – Sich Offnen (1998)sh

Sharon Van Etten – Serpents (2011)

King Parrot – Shit On A Liver (2012)

Back to just seven tracks! So who enjoy which one the best?

It’s the Swans in mid-2010’s on tour somewhere?

Cheers 🙂


  1. Yes. The Swans. Very good Band .
    But the first Bands on S to me are SBB (from Poland) – very-very good Progrock from the 70s till 1983. And after the rebirthing of the Band in the 90s – they made huge live Albums with their old Material in rougher, dynamic ways.


    And on S – came Silly: The best eastgerman band in the 80s, with their legendary Singer tamara Dant, who died 1996 by cancer. 4 Monumental Albums from 1982 to 1989, full of political Messages near the banning of the Band by Government.


    I wrote the 5 Parts “Fehler im System” in my blog about them.
    It stands for “Mistakes in the (political) system” of that time in GDR, the eastgerman State that was in Agony.
    Their last of the 4 was the Album “Februar”, because February is the last Month of wintertime, means: We all longing for Spring! Give us back the colours you have banned! It came out in February’89 – it was the Soundtrack of reunification of Germany.
    Unfortunally after the death of Tamara the Band tried to find a new female Singer, but the new one wasn’t as good as Tamara, and the lyrics of the newer songs after 1990 are not sutch message-bombs like the older songs.


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