A to Z: U is for…

More under-rated or obscure Aussie band today with UV Race or sometimes called The UV Race and I’m picking their track Be Your Self (above) from their album entitled Racism 2012. But they did have a brand new album this year so here’s Inane Brain (below) from album Made in China. Letter “U” is obvious a very tricky but I do love UV Race very much. If you in or around Melbourne, Victoria on holidays or something? Or you might live there, I would highly recommend you track them down and go and see them live! They’re even more wicked cool live, you know? I’ve blogged about them before and more likely repeating myself again, am I readers?

6 pretty close letter “U” tracks, you can now listen too:

Pere Ubu – (Pa) Ubu Dance Party (1978)

Blondie – Union City Blue (1979)

Pulp – Underwear (1995)

Rowland S. Howard – Undone (1999)

The Gutterville Splendour Six – Unzip The Monkey (2000)

Björk – Unison (2001)

That’s eight songs this post, which did you dig the most?


Cheers 🙂


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